Runot on tekijänoikeuden alaisia.

Runot on vain englanniksi, suomen kielisiä versioita runoista ei ole nähtävillä näillä sivuilla.  

recession is a coincidence

is trying

is brittle

essential coincidence



a night was a right

I am the breeze

I am the wind that disappears in the wind

who is more powerful with other

I am the missing part, I am in missing 

I quit the night

I am out

I decide to be a light

and the night is out

those two districts do not possess me

you should own me, even I do not own anything

own me, even I do not make a sound, I am the light I just run through

I am the wind who is running through the forest tree branches are taking my forces

I run out if the light stops and fight with the night

the silence is ours, I am the  fugitive

I am missing you, you are thoroughly the wind and you should not hear me

and you should not see me, because I am stronger when you hear me

even I am just a sound, but you are my 

sound thief

you should not try to steal my voice

you may missing me

I decide to be a light

and the night is out

do not possess me

you should own me, even I do not own anything


own me, even I do not make a sound, because I am the light I just run through

I am the wind who is running through the forest I run out if the light stops and fight with the night

and a night was a right

 light were still rare

my love whispered to my ear

you are my dream a translucent night in a pine forest

you are my choice

share my heart of the forest lake

in the whisper the moon was there and he whispered 

 give birth to a child

that child should be mine

and The moon was mine

he was mine

my belly round moon touches around

gives kisses to my belly a round


kisses me, I never have kissed like that before

I have never ever been waited

he sings his songs to me black swan more beautiful than moon flew to the Lord and hers wings got stained

now you are Black Swan more beautiful than others

sorrow on her shoulders dreamer of the night is sitting on the stairs

can not give you any answer why she is sitting there

she do not hear your words when sorrow is on hers shoulders 

she sees that same nightmare 

pictures never changed

movement is gone

she is looking a trail of life

she is looking understanding for what happened on life

behind the light she is searching her love one

 where he is walking

seeks after

 is asking where is he walking, why everything disappears

can not see the trail of life

she touches with her fingertips on the paint surface on staircase railing

has someone seen this railing before

where are you my love 

where have you gone

she is wondering who has touch these railing before her, is he right path here

time is hollow

even the paint faints away

she is on her stairs

do not remember her name

she is still forgotten on and she is sitting there

she knows stairs are there

she knows light is there

and she sees the darkness

but do not know how to cross a border

she cant go away, cant stay

in the northern trail there are nothing to be said, nobody cares

she is wondering do you see also the darkness at the border of the light

she feels the voices but they do not know what silence feel like

like light does not know how it cuts through darkness

light  is full of scarring

and only thing, what it leaves behind is silence

sometimes I was the night, that descends

I was the night that did stay at a moment on the cold-dying birch skin

I was dusk quietly descending

I could paint everything, without words without solicitude

you told me you are not her

and without you and your words I disappear into the fog, I fall moss softness

I taste wood sorrel

I go fishing without bait, my toe in water, it is the bait

when you are gone, I can see how wave is swaying, child is dancing on the sand

without you I can see the city lights from the driving distance

without you I fly in the wind without you I dare climbing tree to see squirrel nest

and without you and your words I am the dusk on the cold dying birch skin

without you I can paint everything

without you I fall in life

again I fall in life

I fall in life

and light never catch me

summer is a memory a dream a moment before harvesting

it was time to cut the grain in the darkening summer breeze wheat tumbles in the rain

when the rain falls roaches arrive

I love the sand between my toes

I love the breeze on the trees

autumn worships them, is doing their paintings

autumn wants them, wants to strip them out of their frames

just as you wanted to disarm me but you forgot I was not a summer

you forgot I do not move to your course

I do not turn

I am cold

I am white

I am the winter

and I know that summer always adheres demands

even though winter is cold and white, and maybe little bit in sorrow

while the summer cries its childish words to the autumn

you can change your direction

winter returns

Can you play wild love or are you a responsible friendship

at the point when you have to make a choice whether you are

a word that gives a tired break

are we together

you have to be more childlike, are we the moments when we should understand that we are timeless

do you believe in silence

and uncontrollable unspeakable love

and yet you tell me that you forget gray and I give you permission to be wild

you let me break my definitions

you try to tore my touch without the key

I do not believe a word love, it is just a drawing on the bed--------------- and I did tore it down

what now

you whisper to me stay together, be my skin story a touch know when I am broken

your touch invades me runs through me

all sounds are louder they intruder under my skin

intact second last word is weaker than last

whisper in the wind tries to steal my drawings

beauty breaks down

are you using my joy

what happened to your own one

did you treat your joy bad

give me my joy, I want that back

give me love drink or joy

be restless

I am not coming back home

what drives you

do you lose your faith here

do you lose your touch

faith was a storming sky

time is useless where are you love

you are so silent today

what did you do last night love

where you restless

did you remembered where you live, love

it is time to go love

run through your love

when I was faithless, I did let you pick the colors

and colors are my true love

 do not ask me give you joy and 3 times more

give me joy drink or love still feel me when I am restless

be restless do you know where your beauty lies

is there only one heart

dreams gave me my scars and now I am singing to my stars

you were my dream once

brokenhearted give me my joy

was everything too much for me, but I wanted all or nothing at all

It was useless, I was fighting with my skies I ask them to forgive me

so do not  ask me to give you your joy 

it is against their argument

I would not be a worth a while

I would not be in it

but I am here, I am in pain, I am in sorrow

I am there I am here

and I still believe love is a force

granite under my feet

even sometimes love shoots over

love is always

without redemption

I wasn't perfect and that is enough I guess

who is perfect, I guess, no one is

remember me at my lowest moments

remember what I could be

at your beautiful moments blink of the light lives

remember life at the moment when time is gone

that is time even then when time is alone, even though you know I was afraid

and sad and alone

I walked through rooms without saying a word

I wasn't thinking option's, when I was walking in silence

when the speak has lost its position

words are boundaries

and boundaries are actions

unlimited word is something else what I am

but I guess you know

laws are made by them who has words

my words are shy

and they all hide

even I am not ugliest word on earth or the most beautiful

road is not chancing

can not find the protection when I am apart

I am not looking for words they are not shelter to me

when light is falling apart, and darkness will rise, it is wide and it is in action

it whispers to me fall beauty


it resolves

issues what is in your mind

you are wide darkness without consolation

when I'm here and

you do not know, I'm near, I am an air

you do not see that you are privileged and no one else matters to you, like I do

you feel down

with me

I am just me

and I can not go away

why don't you see things like I see

you think that evergreen is nonsense

my lazy days make you hate me

why I do not say a word

during the night 

he doesn't protect me

with him I never sleep

I think it's time for me to go

I'm just too lazy to find a new love why do you think Dao stupid man you were edited - but not for me

someone else remembered him

who doesn't talk too much

and I have to find the desert and you really are feeling, no one

I am letting you free, go

you are free

go silence

are you using my joy here

are you making the 



they all disappear by the wind

I am the wind

wind vortex

I want the touch

I'm touching but I do not understand why you do not touch me

and I will be cold for you even the wind is mellow

I am the wind even you whisper to me stay together

my story is my skin, touch, you have to know when I have broken emotions

you penetrated me


I'm gone

the wind steals my whisper


be lost forever


has not disappeared

I don't need their words

I am a whisper in your mind

go through

you existed

though their words

are silent

morning dusk is when

the evening cheats sunrise

thirsty birch trees are waiting for rain

they are tired without water

humming is silent

timid voices run at the forest border to the opposite shore

there is no water in the river

river is dry

the flood disappeared

riverbed is dry

silent air is waiting

when is good enough

good to be

when to touch

and though I know

I'm distraction you're are my power

alone when I was not knowing when I was gray

my timid mind

was blind about colors

I regard verity

when my mind is no longer alone

and color and shade

did invade me

last word was a touch, a painting

and the wind steals my whisper and the beauty of my words disappears in front of vanity

take that moment away

this weakness does not carry me

it breaks my back

I am not getting closer to heaven

not this way, never I do not want that second back

give mercy to some one else

take the last touch away, very first time

and then a moment will come to an end

never waited moment

last touch

relief on the way do you know when I'm gone

it is my sorrow, now who lives there

I let the dream go

I feel the trace of life and I feel a light above

I remain still

never ending bad dream

dream ends, sorrow whispers to me

you do not know where your love is

he is a white sorrow

he is giving me white lies

it is time to go find the colors

and I leave my sorrow on the stairs where nobody goes

you could love me a bit more than other

I was thinking, you might be in love with me when you rejected me with fewer injuries than others

I felt loved

but I did not knew words around a love since I had not met you yet

and though you might have ever visited me in my dream and in my lonely mornings

I had the impression that someone was missing

has disappeared, or has decided not yet to come

even I had been good

I would have been the most beloved

and he knows it but he no longer knows how to touch the skin for the first time

after what has experienced

and he no longer knows whether it was good to be so in love

so sure about a feeling 

if I would be an earth, I would be jealous to the sky

if I would be a darkness, I would be afraid when I see the light

if I would be a world, I would imagine other words, that I would not be the only one

if I would be you, I would not know how love touch


leaf wont say a word, is leaving like a wind from the tree branches 

your life is like a leafs life on the tree

you want to be that one who is fighting against wind, who is not loosing its touch

even though it happens eventually

the one who is born dies sometimes

and we are silent because we know our part

nobody hears when silence is falling

travel time such falling, is immeasurable

even last leaf on the tree will fall

it fears it

how could I come back to be like I used to be when I was in the tree

I am not wind or a bird how could I be nothing that I never was reject me wind, when I loose my touch

word did create chaos mayhem madness

you lie like your father, is your father your word

lift up the air under my feet, under my soul is my sorrow a word away is my depression

trust against me -alliance can be expelled extradition

giving up those two words is hard

even you are

ruthless unkind complete indistinct and ambiguous

those two words are empty

they are your kind

are we together imperishable

you are playful as a wind you are so childlike you should be timeless

do you believe being silent unruly momentary fierce uncharted and gray and fury

I am detached

break my definitions remove my touch without words

you do not know silence means, silence is life

life changes it direction

life is young forever without being young

life came without expecting is possibility a world of my own even in the beginning there was only a word around

a nightmare night is my night

the night of the traveler is endless

I do not want to find your words they are  silent how could I find them they are missing part

you know your word you can open locked doors without decent keys

but do you know where your enemy sleeps

do you know what happens when you are blaming those who are innocent

you making yourself visible by you, and that is that fight what you are fighting

with your own words, your  reflections are afraid  your nightmares

there is that feeling when you touch, you intrude, then you feel powerful

when you are using force, that is so true but everybody can do that, and you feel your weakness

you should be patient and await

 you are loosing your touch impatient


you should, touch 

even though the voices become stronger and they feel more strongly their actions

the sounds are not penetrating under skin they do not know, has nothing to loose

words are  alone their deep seclusion don't leave them 

but who waits for them words do not know what they are 

 even they do not know who I am

they believe that they are indestructible I stay together with my loneliness

it never leaves me it always stays

I walk alone I feel blessed

voices fell in my hand, my words are emptiness and silence

traveler of the night  never walks alone


what went wrong, where there dispute, yeah there were

there were words and on the wall those words were thrown

you began to break the boundaries, even these boundaries are not written on maps

words went broken, words were thrown on to wall

you say go back

you can leave, even though you want me to stay forever

you have not yet been lost for ever, so you really do not know, I am going to leave

I am not afraid being the lost one

I know what those words mean

The world traveler's night is endless

now get lost on your maps words languages

this land had seen everything

this country has experienced everything

I've seen you here a thousand times before

you can not desappear impenetrable forest

you can not lose your own will

you run away from it

your grave is still unopened

so you can not lost there

words whispers

take me

blow me away

I have forgotten how things were

so how could I know how they should be

be silent like others

now words are gathering power

be silent don't let them see you

without your part

be a part without, be a part of the whole

below strength

I have none

I would like to gain strength

words helps me forget those useless words that does not give me free road

they were obstacle on my road

and I did forget them

I did try to collect force

even though I can not fight

I can only hide, I have to be silent

but sometimes words do awake

you will has not died yet on the bottom of the sea

I'll get you out there

even you fall in the deepness

they did take you, in there

you will not stay on the road

you fall again

you love to fall

but it does not change anything, you have to go back

you have to find your words, maps, language and curses

I have not fallen

I did leap of the fence

I am on my knees

I can not help you

I am not going to chance my ways

to change or loose my will change I will not

I did not want to loose you, though you left

it was your choice



do not stay beside me

forget a word

you did thrown your words on the wall

now you do not have nothing to say

do not fetch your word

I do not want you back never agree this, no - it should not have been said

but I said it - it is only way to get away, immediately

passing by, it is easy, if you are been left

and that happens sometimes in life

life breaks you and your life

and I've been in it as It has been good

life did good job on me when I learned to take rejection

it does not matter any more

the days were missed when it did not matter

under the paths where nobody goes definitions are not spoken no matter only silence empties mind

here quietly shut up do not remember the words

I'm sitting on the stairs in the north paths, sit beside me

does it matter, not to say, travel quietly

nothing is to be said

sorrow does that

is following me all the time grief knows where the sorrow goes

grief is fingertips touch on the shattered surface

heading up north on the roads where is no words

feeling no remorse, and not knowing what to do or where to go

goodbye, find your railing, sorrow

walk there where no one is walking

go around

go around

time is hollow

silence includes all the needed words

nobody knows where you have gone, they do not who you are

and I have seen who I am a second away from destruction

soldiers words

I will go and when I go

nothing is enough

they want me to fall

and then I am the lost on

I fall apart like a wind will fall apart from storms

darkness does not exist without light

if the light does not arrive

darkness can not be so wide

I travel and travel without direction

It is me who is between winds

I am on

a wave among waves

I am little ocean

and that is fine I will go

among them and when I go

words are leaving to my love

missing in action

they are always soldiers last words

side to side remove the annoying nuances

my skin story

word is a brush, I'm color

you are pain in your colorless dreams

follow the shades with brushes, make the melodies in words

I begged myself for all the colors

skin story

have you touch it

do my colors

lose your skin surface be the color of your world of your imagination

am I under your skin

still you do not allow color dreams only a black and white world

even I am dreaming to your life, a bit of color

what I said

paint you

you painted me

paint what I say paint what I hear

I painted

I anticipate touch, I am wondered about the colors, their shades

I'm not what I said I'm not gray

why you paint me the paint you have chosen

make the shades with brushes, make the melodies in words

my colors are the world

I want to lose your skin surface below color

I only have your world of your imagination

I still do not know why you do not allow color dreams you are in love in a black and white world

be the color that brightness my life light district

somewhere in the darkness

light is breaking limits without seeing them

light is a blind but darkness sees the light

wants to know what it feels to be light

darkness does not disintegrate

light do not arrive

And last but not least poem here is 

Ore ( and he is never the  least, because he is a big sized M....r, but maybe I am just kidding here, or maybe I am not, so do not take my poems too seriously.) Ore is a symbol of money here, and this poem is telling people who are ready to do what ever that takes to get more Ore, which means here money. And the thing is that the money is the never ending love story on this earth nowadays, nobody truly loves nobody anymore, even true love is rare and special, and you can not buy that, it is given free away. And only suckers fall in love, I know because I am a big Sucker, I always do fall in love because I believe in love, even that I know it is a bad habit, I try to work that thing off me... so, here is Ore. Otherwise the Ore poem is the product of my imagination, similarities with named real life Ores are incidental and not intended, don't you know that I am artist, I am living in my own world here, so....  (mAyBe I should write a poem pea in the nose, it is beyond my belief  that people do  whine everything, even poems what usually are imagination, not true stories. Apparently some people do think, that I do not know how to do anything right,  but I do disagree with them, again. And I do mention on the poem Sweet Demise, which means small death, which is euphemism to having an orgasm... so are you getting a picture here, this poem is really easy) I have also Kate Moore's and Tiina Tuominen's book Fucktionary, forbidden words in English, so I was just playing wit the words here, by the way I find that book really entertaining...So, here is this silly poem, still. 

comes as autumn, comes when leaves fall

rain fell, is taking me with him somewhere I don't wanna go 

he is making roof to sing it's song rhythm cadence

rain drops on the window and the cheeks are the same, he is one for me and I am the one who never cares

dares to say no

was I worth a while and thought were never near, touches, uninvited guest sweet Demise 

ingenuous woman took your gaze, you gave her white snow

and she forgot your name

but she know's your face you can not put your spell on her and that makes you urge her more

you have your tricks, cards and black beauty though, and you are ready to go

waiting for a word

new opportunity

and you liar tell your black beauty, that your love to her never dies

and sweet Demise is inside her thighs

she loves her Ore, and tells to him, so, as long you are my Ore I am yours

as long you have your Ore, she is yours even belt around her neck

she lets everybody sleep with her, she breaks your back just saying I love your Ore, too

me too, me too, give me love Ore, give me more

she knows what a word mean

what is yes

what is no

you are appreciated man and you have your Ore and she loves them too

but do you know what a word mean, and sometimes you have to let go

this other woman of yours feels the memories, they are coming back

so enjoy your time

when she is not taking her time back

be aware the man, who everybody appreciate

everybody is silent where he goes

but he did fall in love against his will, and he shouldn't have fallen

even his size were not helping him, this greatest man had fallen, and nobody has seen that kind of thing at these corners

and his size were not helping him, because this other women, let's call her white beauty, loves his size, and that everybody is afraid of him

and because of that, his Ore does not mean nothing, not even to him

and he is in love

but has no choice, this other woman do not care his Ore

and he can not make the choices

and now he feels the love, but he has his Ore and black beauty too

and white beauty dislike the fact she got Ore's white snow, without saying a word

was it act of love, who made a choice

self love and self choice

freedom to make a choice was gone

white beauty do not care for you Ore and your choice

and now you do not have a choice

she do not let you come near her, she remembers the touch of white snow

there was little more than intended

she forgot your name

it was not intended, now she knows your name

and now she want's to forget your face

and she thinks you have to love your black beauty little more, as long you have your black beauty though

and Ore tries to love her black beauty though

she is hooked relief, and sure choice

Ore loves not his black beauty any more, spell has gone, but he can not make choices anymore

so he loves this other women, but this other women does not want his Ore, and she knows were they came from

she knows who is behind the name

sometimes you have to love the man, and because she loves the man, she let's his man go

she knows she can not survive without Ore

and Ore has to be Ore

he has no choice

she knows he can not live without his Ore

but because that fact, the man has his Ore and she let's his man go

everybody knows a word do not make a harm

sometimes only a word is needed, Ore

you have to do it, Ore

press the button, or are you ready to go

somebody did say a word, Ore

and because of this another woman knows were his Ore came from

and this appreciated man is alone

and he knows his Ore

and he knows that everybody knows his Ore, too

and if you tell other where he got his Ore you got to go

and you never know who finds you

they don't know he is in love with another woman, and he do not know what to do

she is not taking his Ore

she is not saying, me too

and she know's Ore, and because she loves the man, tough

she let's him enjoy his time, even alone when he is regarded, appreciated man

every man has his weakness

and she knows that she is Ore's weakness and so, that is the reason why Ore let her go

Ore's girl's are made of Ore, they are made for him

Ore's sweets are sweet dreams and Ore gave sweets to his dream once

and now he got to let her go

and he knows white beauty is one for him

but white beauty is the one, who never cares

but truth lies under the images, even name can be changed

and Ore wants to fill his sweet, sweet skin against her will under a white snow

and that is the why she let Ore go, even in tears

she knows were her sweet dreams came from

and heaven has fallen in dust

fall behind Ore tango & cash is your heavenly blue

And here is little bit artist humor again.. so poems with the hint of sarcasm

order art is gray

order art, tell it obey you should obey, never to far to go to over, over the gray

you have to be gray - obey never break the distance never ever say Hooray- ever gray

two lines can be too much even lines would be gray

when there is two lines distance disappears

there is a limit to where art is limited

you have to know the artist's line

and if you can not feel the bound still you can feel the art line

line your line, when it disappears art line boundary

art is a delay at the border for the borderline and when borderline folds your line disappears

there is a fine line, what is to be called art

you have to see and feel that thin line, you can feel, art

you can fell in art - oh, what would art well be

be careful, they call it Kitch or pop art, or so, so do know your art well

art camp is not there where you should go, you did fell in Art, once- and now you want to know, is there Art or is there no

just see trough Art

you will find - the art is on

you have to think through art, so go do fell in art

but ask yourself, is art on or is there ARTno