Now my art, on sale. Ask info or presentation day, just for you. Or if you want to buy by mail, please contact below. or +358 45 24 787 40.

Modern chalkboard theme painting 1340 euros. 

This painting is  a large, modern painting of my own collection, consisting of four pieces, the paintings theme is being a chalkboard drawing. The work is painted with Acrylic paints. You can find more information about me and my art here at my website This one on sale now is a unique piece.  The size of the painting without frames is 90x110 cents. With frames, the size is 104x124 cents. The painting has a double frame. The white wooden birch frame is 5 to 1.7 centimeters thick and the inner red effect frame is 1 centimeter thick. This painting can be seen on Lapinlahti or it can be sold by mail. 

Art has to be fun factor, not gun factor, in life.

These art prints on this page  and on that video clip below are edited from photos. Thing is, many people have thought that these art prints are photographs of painted paintings, but these prints are new kinds of paintings, they are a new kind of art, that is, these art prints below and on that video clip above really are not photographs of painted paintings, but these artworks are art themselves. Made in a modern way, using photography and image processing only, these art prints have not seen paint and paintbrush, ever.   

Below the picture is the name of the person, whose photo I did use.  

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence
Andrea Sawatzki
Andrea Sawatzki

Art prints below has been edited from the picture above, what itself is a modified photo. And I did modified that picture from the photo, what did I took myself. 

Irene Lyytinen
Irene Lyytinen
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

I am visual artist, and I live in a small town called Lapinlahti in the Northern Savo region in Finland and my education is Master of Social Sciences, I have previously worked in a food industry on the field of product development -and process control, as well as a management consultant.

I started to do art, 2015. I sell only, unique pieces, cause I do want that my customer will get an unique art piece, that no one else have.

Art in it's best do describe reality as it is and as it could be.

Now on sale.

340 euroa.

Modern Marilyn Monroe theme artprint, this is my own piece, this artprint is photo modified. This  artprint is picture modified from a original Marilyn Monroe picture. So this is my modern art view to Marilyn Monroe. 

It is signed behind the art print, it is 1/1 2020. So, it is only piece. 

This art print is  Beoynd Print  print house fine art print and it is framed, with glass. 

Size is  40x40cm. Whole size, with the frame and on white paspartur is 54x54 cm.

More info you of me, you can find here on my internet page.

Artprint can be seen on Lapinlahti or it can be bought by mail. 

This artprint is only piece. 

Modern bear painting

1 340 €

I am selling my own piece, from my own personal collection, modern bear painting. 

1 340 €

this painting is painted with mix technique, mainly acrylic paint. Size is 70x70 cm. It is framed with the white birch frame. 

With the frames, size is  bigger,  frame it self is 5x1,7 cm. This is unique art piece, only one is made. 

It can be seen in Lapinlahti where I live or it can be sold by mail. 

I am on Facebook.


Genuine art

If you do believe in art, you have to believe in colors.

So, are you color believer?

If you are, choose.