shadows did created landscape wall behind the window, I am not getting that kiss what I wanted, even though he knew- I need -the Touch

this bed is useless -speechless

 this bed is lacking loving whispers, this empty bed makes me want more what I am getting -here

he left me alone

even though he knew I was afraid 

even though he knew- that my loneliness can kill me

my weakness made him feeling stronger -so sure about himself, but- I am ready to leave him

I need to find my own kisses, made just for me, so that was the last kiss I wanted -what I did ask

and forever these shadows will stay -  I wonder what is behind those walls, behind those windows

I know what I am getting here 

I get here kiss -less -time

I need kisses to my life 

please find me world voyager - kiss me more time

it is nice to look what kind of landscape wall shadows did created behind the window- when you are here with me, spending more -kiss time

take this moment away 

this weakness do not carry me - it breaks my back, I am not getting closer to heaven, not this way, I never want that second back 

give your mercy to someone else -who did love you more,  gave you better love than I am

take that last touch away -very first time, and then a moment will come to an end 

it was never waited moment, I do not want that second back - I do not take that moment back -give your mercy to someone else, it was the last touch - unfulfilled relief on the way 

do you know when  - I am gone

it is my sorrow now who lives there -where nobody goes

I did let the dream go

I did felt the trace of light above

and never ending bad dream did ended 

sorrow did whispered to me - but here is only hollow ends 

but Sorrow- you did choose -your choice

white sorrow, lie your word - lie

I did not knew, what a word around love means

since I had not met you yet and though you might visited me in my dreams and on my lonely morning's

I had the impression that someone is missing, I do know you from somewhere 

-have we been together between times-

but you act like you have been lost for all of your time, like forever 

or you have not decided to come to me yet, even I have been good, just waiting for you -to come -I would have been the most beloved- but I am tired waiting

 even for you - even you are my love one

and he knows it but he don't longer know's -how to touch the skin like it would be the first time, after what he has done 

and he no longer knows, whether it was so good to be so sure - to be in love

was it so good to be sure -so sure about a feeling

if I would be an earth, I would be jealous to the sky

if I would be a darkness I would be afraid when I see the light

if I would be  light, I would be without limits

if I would be a word I would imagine other words, that I would not be the only one

if I would be you I would not know how my love did touch

leaf wont say a word, is leaving like a wind from the tree branches

your life is like a leaf's life on the tree 

you want to be that one -who is fighting against wind, you want to be that one -who is not loosing it's touch, even though it happens eventually

the one is born dies sometimes, and we are silent because -we know our part, nobody hears when silence is falling -travel time as such, is immeasurable

even the last leaf on the tree will fall -it fears it, how could I come back to be like I used to be, when I was in the tree -I am not the wind on the tree branches or the colorful bird, how could I be nothing that I never was  -reject me wind, when I loose my touch

a word did created chaos mayhem madness- lay your word, put a word away  as a world away -are you my enemy, are you my starlet

word did lift the air under my feet -under my soul is my sorrow as a word away is my depression

their trust is against me -they did build alliance

"she can be expelled without extradition", but I never run away, it is not my thing even giving up is  in front of these useless words -hard

their words are always there 

one of their word is ruthless, second unkind unable to complete indistinct and ambiguous, empty- their words are empty, their words are their kind

I have done nothing to wrong them or their  words, but that fact is not counted, their  words did decided to hate me, still

you have to word your followers, they are your kind

I still am, am I still

my parts did stayed together   -as a imperishable silence 

I am still, am I still -playful as a wind 

you should be childlike sometimes 

to be less, less timeless 

do you believe being silent unruly momentary fierce uncharted and gray and fury

be detached, be silent -be mine kind

break definition- remove a word


you do not know what silence means, silence is life 

life changes direction sometimes, it is -young forever, without being young 

grow old life -never die,  give a word away 

life came without expecting to my site, it is possibility ---a word of my own, even in the beginning there was only the one-  only one, word around

forget- your nightmare night's -it is my night, what you are talking about, that night is  a travelers night and it  is endless - and that time is mine

I do not want to find your words, they are so silent, to me

how could I find them

your words are my missing part

you can open locked doors without decent key, you are  a Master of Keys

 but do you know where your enemy sleeps, do you know what happens when you are blaming the one who is innocent -you are making yourself visible by you, and everybody sees that

it was you in the end

and that is that fight what you are fighting for with your own words and dream reflections  - you are afraid of your nightmares, you do not want to see them

but you do, you are so afraid of your dreams

there is that feeling what you get, when you see them, then you know when you touch- you intrude -and nothing is after that right, or enough, but still you do that, you give uninvited touch, but you do not know, was it enough -what you were, to her after that

you think, was I more than one stolen touch, to her

this time

even you are a strong man 

and you have lot of blessings -you should be patient and wait

you are loosing your touch, one dream just away you lost it -just being impatient

you should wait

you should, touch

your dream is living in silence and she has nothing to loose

deep seclusion waits her words, and she is used to being closed out

she is used to be that one, who is  always alone and she feels that as a blessing -after a while -this deep seclusion what was set to her -she did get bored

and voices did fell on her hand

they became words of her own -her options

 emptiness and silence

even sadness is her friend, now

she is a traveler of the night

maybe sometime's- a world voyager

and she walks alone, only a word on her shelter 

because the father blesses that one who walk 's alone - who is always, closed out

waves on the beach have been stripped off -they have been beaten down to the ground, sea did cover their shame and nobody knows that waves did gave up

waves consent was wrong -they were wrong, sea did arrived to the another world, after all

waves do not need remorse -they are not worth it

waves do not remember what they have done

they do not have remorse

they do not know where they have gone

what went wrong, where there dispute

yeah there were

there were words and on the wall those words were thrown

you did break the boundaries even those boundaries were not written on maps, not on those walls

our words went broken -those words were thrown on the wall

that wall was there all the time

I could not see that, when I had the time to leave when I wanted

now, I have to climb over it

you say go back -you can leave even that wall was there all the time -even though you did wanted me to stay like this, like forever -it was your insight, no matter the cost 

 but do you  know how it feels like, to be lost - you should be afraid - you are, when it happens

 you have not been lost for ever, not yet, so you really do not know I am going to leave, I am not afraid being the lost one -I know what those words mean 

I have grown into those  words, even as a child - I was the one who did born without permission - and my mother never forgave that sin   

 so, I am familiar to my loneliness, it was there also with you, all the time

it is the only mother what I got

 it is only true love what I got

so, I am not going  to wait you to come - I have here all the love I need, it is my lost one

my last soul

 what keeps me a live - I am afraid eternity, what I do if that is true

 -where I go

the light do not want to get over the night even the night light will remain hidden inside the night 

beyond the night becomes the late night shadow

behind there in the light, night light  is hiding in the night 

the light is waiting morning - it can not arrive before morning is silent,  secure

then all sounds are weaker 

then you hear the sound when you are not hearing nothing

silence should not be there, after night, not to touch you like it does, but it always do

when the silence is touching you - all sounds  go through your skin, you feel the irony

you can not hear the words you did throw  away

you can not hear how they did get broken 

because silence is there

and you almost did forget your words

but you remember your lost emotions - and the one, who is not there anymore 

stay here  nightly stolen borrowed light, Sun, do you know, the Moon did steal that light  from you 

no one can see Lunar light source

 at that stage - that is not a sorrow of the night walker

when you walk there, through darkness, all you need is a promise that you can use that light  

and night walker can not help you Light, when you are there on your own- on your endless voyage through darkness

so do not fall apart light because if you are falling apart, no one can save these promises

nobody knows them - and night walker is going to get lost in darkness

nobody waits for him, if your light  will fall -apart

do not fall light

do never be, trusted- light 

then you fall and then the darkness is behind you - and light, you can not  trust the moon - either -it is only your own reflection

cause when the moon is  turning, your picture is denied


you can  not win that game of trust

you can only go ashtray -cause the roads of the light  traveler are endless

why you are so scared of your own light, light, even your grave is still unopened -so you can not lost there

darkness gave to you a word of her own, she  did whispered to you light, take me-  light, blow me away - then I forget my darkness and my deep soul  - and I do not fall on the moon

here is left only -mental recession - I have to get over you light


I do want to fall on the Moon

I have forgotten how things were -so how could I know how they should be

you should be silent like others - be silent light- like light should be silent during night 

now words are gathering power -be silent don't let them see you without your part -be  part without, be a part of the whole

be below strength -then you are none

I have none - stones, how could I toss them 

I would like to gain strength - give me a stone

words do not help me to forget these useless things, they are not  giving  me free road -they were obstacles on my road - so,  I did forgot them

I did try to collect force even though I can not fight with these obstacles -I can only hide, I have to be silent they do not know where -I am hiding here -in the darkness

but sometimes a word did got awaken - and light can not hide anymore

light can not take the pause - even when it is falling

I love to fall -it is my work -it is my duty, what else I could do

your will has  died,  it has left you -it is  on the bottom of the sea

I'll get you out there, it is lying there -even it came down to  deepness, of it's own will

they did take your will, is it, in there - without your choice

but never stay on the road,    fall again - it is your life duty

I have lost my will to  falling, I have done it several times - so, fall

 or change - I will 

 find your words, maps, languages and curses -leap of the fence

you have to be  on your knees- on time to time and -on while to while

I can not help you -I am not going to chance my ways -to change or loose my will 

take a change -I will not, I did not want to loose you, though you left

it was your choice, so

leave, Sorrow - do not stay beside me, forget those words you gave  - did you throw them - on the wall

now you do not have nothing to say to me, after these years

I do not fetch your words

I do not want your words  back so, I never agree this, no - it should not have been said, but I said it - it was the  only way to get away, immediately

passing by  is easy, if you are been left and that happens sometimes in life -life breaks you and your life and I've been in  -in life,  as long it has been good, to you

life did good job on me when I did learn to take the rejection

words do  not matter any more,  I am in that rejection - I am in that word

there were days were I was missed out once, when time  did not matter

mental recession

I am -coincidence

under the paths where nobody goes definitions are not spoken- no matter -only silence empties mind, here quietly shut up -do not remember  words

I'm sitting here on the stairs in the north paths side me, sit beside me

does it matter, not to say, travel quietly -nothing is to be said

sorrow does that - is killing me and my voice softly

is following me all the time, grief knows where the sorrow goes, and where the sorrow stays

grief is a fingertips touch on the shattered surface -heading up north on the roads where is no words

here has no feeling of   remorse, and here is no important to  know what to do or where to go

so, goodbye, find your railing, sorrow

walk there where no one is walking -go around

go around

time is hollow, silence did included all the needed words and nobody knows where you have gone --who you were

and I have seen who I am -a second away from destruction

soldiers words - they are my words, full and empty - are with me, all the time

-I will go and when I go, nothing is enough

they want me to fall - I have enemies,  I have  my friend's and my gun is  my mate, it is my tool, and then I am the lost one when I fall apart 

like a wind will fall apart from storm, darkness does not exist without light

if the light does not arrive - darkness can not be so wide

I  travel and I travel without direction- it is me who is between the winds

I am on

I am a wave among waves, I am little ocean - and little blood drop on water

and that is fine, when it happens,  I go among -  and when I go

words are leaving to my love one- -missing in action

they are always soldiers last words

 -side to side

remove the annoying nuances of your voice -repair my skin, repair my touch -hear my voice when I am shouting to you 

be my skin story

word is a brush, I'm the color of your brush

you are giving me heart pain here when your are talking  painfully about our  colorless dreams, those dreams belongs only to you -follow the shades with the brushes, make the melodies in words, remember the gray beyond gray

I beg, give me all the colors- they are my skin story, have you heart to deny them, do my colors - do your touch

loose your skin surface -the color of your world, be the color of your imagination

am I under your skin, still I am there, but you do not allow colored dreams -only a black and white world -even I am dreaming to your life, a bit of color -what I said, paint you

you painted me, paint what I said paint what I hear

I painted - you

I anticipate touch, I am wondered all the colors, all their shades

I am wondered about -you

I'm not what I did said -I did say, I accept your gray

why you want me to paint you with the colors you have chosen

I have to make the shades with the brushes, I am making  the art noise with words

my words are the color, and all the color shades

I want to lose your skin surface below my color- let me paint you, with my colors

I only have your world of your imagination, I still do not know why you do not allow to me my color dreams 

you are in love in a black and white world

be the color that brightness my life -be my light district

somewhere in the darkness

light is breaking limits without seeing them

light is a blind but darkness sees the light, it wants to know how it feels to be in light

darkness do not move -do  not disintegrate -light does not arrive- so, do choose  all of them

he comes as autumn, comes when leaves fall

rain fell, he is taking me with him somewhere- I do not wanna go

he is making the sheet metal roof to sing it's song's to me -rhythm cadence

rain drops on the window and the cheeks are the same, he is one for me and I am the one who never cares, dares to say _no

was I worth a while and thought were never near, touches, uninvited guest - Sweet Demise

ingenuous woman took your gaze

 you gave her white snow and she forgot your name, but she know's your face now and you can not put your spell on her and that makes you urge her more, you have your tricks cards and black beauty though, and you are ready to go -waiting for a word

 a new opportunity

and you liar tell your black beauty that your love to her never dies and sweet Demise is inside her thighs

because she loves her Ore, and tells to him, so, as long you are my Ore I am yours

as long you have your Ore, she is yours even belt around her neck she lets everybody sleep with her, she breaks your back just saying I love your Ore, too

me too, me too, give me love Ore, give me more

she knows what a word mean, what is yes -what is no

you are appreciated man 

and you have your Ore and she loves them, too

but do you know what a word mean, and sometimes you have to let go

this other woman of yours feels the memories, they are coming back

so enjoy your time -when she is not taking her time back

be aware of the man who everybody appreciates, everybody is silent where he goes

but he did fall in love against his will, and he shouldn't have fallen

even his size were not helping him, this greatest man had fallen, and nobody has seen that kind of thing at these corners

and his size is not helping him, because this other women, let's call her white beauty, loves his size, and that, that everybody is afraid of him

and because of that, his Ore do not mean nothing, not even to him

and he is in love but he has no choice, this other woman do not care his Ore and he can not make the choices - anymore

and now he feels the love, but he has his Ore and black beauty too

and white beauty dislike's the fact she got Ore's white snow, without saying a word

was it act of love, who made a choice, self love and self choice

did make a choice - white beauty do not care for you Ore and your choice

and now you do not have -a choice

she do not let you to come near her, cause she remembers the touch of white snow

there was little more than intended -she forgot your name, it was not intended, but now she knows your true name

and now she want's to forget -your face

and she thinks you have to love your black beauty little bit more, as long you have your black beauty, and her strong thighs -though

  Ore tries to love her black beauty though- she is hooked relief and sure choice

Ore loves not his black beauty any more, spell has gone, but he can not make the choices anymore cause  -this other women do not want his Ore, and she knows were they came from

she knows who is behind the name

sometimes you have to love the man, and because she loves the man, she let's his man go

and she knows she can not survive without Ore

and Ore has to be Ore -he has no choice

she knows he can not live without his Ore, but because that fact the man has his Ore and she let's his man go

everybody knows a word do not make a harm -sometimes only a word is needed, Ore

you had to do it, Ore - you did press the button, press the button again Ore, or are you ready to go. now -press the button

or go

somebody did say a word, Ore

and because of this another woman knows were Ore's Ore came from

and this appreciated man is alone

and he knows his Ore, and he knows that everybody knows his Ore, too -and if you tell other where he got his Ore you got to go -and you never know, who finds you- if they, do

 his fellow's do not know that he is in love with another woman, and he do not know what to do

she is not taking his Ore -she is not saying, me too

and she know's Ore, and because she loves this man, tough

she let's him enjoy his time even alone when he is regarded, appreciated man

every man has his weakness and she knows that she is Ore's weakness and so, that is the reason why Ore let her go

Ore's girl's are made of Ore, they are made for ORE

Ore's sweets are sweet dreams and Ore gave sweets to his dream once

and now he got to let her go

and he knows white beauty is one for him

but white beauty is the one, who never cares

but truth lies under the images, under names - all can be changed

and Ore wants to fill his sweet, sweet skin against her will under a white snow

and that is the why she let Ore go, even she knows were her sweet dreams came from -and heaven has fallen in dust, fall behind Ore 

tango & cash is your heavenly blue

recession is a coincidence

she is trying but is brittle

forgotten essential coincidence is the limit of her essence

I did went broken there

they didn't notice that moment -when she did went broken - and nobody did care

it was only one women - who almost died, and there is plenty more women, around here

they did not understand that moment, when she was telling that moment to them

- I did went broken here

and now they can not see things that she has seen

when she did went broken, the wind did stole her whispers

 night was cold not mellow -the wind did get through her bones, it was almost last second, last breathe what she did took there

the wind did get through her skin, and her skin was just a whisper, transient into air - and she did get lost on that thin air

hers words are there, deep in the blue sky and no one cares to say no to her this time

no one is saying to her, you can not go there, you can not stay here

the wind did it so to her, that no one else will ever know her true mind

her words do belong only to the blue sky  and her words will remain hidden  in the blues

she will be safe 

 in words what she hears on her timid mind

and she carries her words with her - all the time

darkness will never catch her


darkness never will show her


as long her words are there, free in the sky -you will never run over her

you will never tell to her what to think or to say

you wont tell her, when to leave - or when her time is running out

no one who should whispered to her did not whispered to her even then, when she told that moment, when she did get lost on her mind- your words have not been lost, yet - they are there in the sky

so, she needed the sky 

 -hers blues was there all the time

never has those  lost words belonged to somebody else

they are only her own resort  - only her  power

no one never said to her -we will find your words for you-that you know they existed

that you know, you existed -even though she needed those words, no one did said those words to her, even those words were free to say 

and she was thinking that she never existed - even she was there in the sky, all the time -being free

a night was a right -she was the breeze, the wind that did disappeared into the wind

she was more powerful with others -she was the missing part

she is missing on her words through out the night -she did quit the night

she is out

she decided to be a light and the night was out

those two districts do not possess her

you should not own her, she does not 

she do not say -own me, I do not make a sound,  cause she is a sound - she is falling in the night, she is the light, she just runs through

she is the wind who is running through the forest -tree branches are taking her forces, but she runs out, if the light stops and will fight with the night

if  the silence is ours,  you are the fugitive

I am missing you, you are thoroughly the wind and you should not hear me

and you should not see me, because I am stronger when you hear me -even I am just a sound, but you are my sound -thief

you should not try to steal my voice -you may missing me

so I did decided to be a light and the night was out

darkness did not possessed me

you should not either, even I do not own anything

you should let me go- to tie me down, even I do not make a sound, because I am a light I just run through the night

I am the wind who is running through the forest, if I run out when the light stops and will fight with the night,  then a night was a right

 I run out

if the light is still rare

my love did whispered to my ear

you are my dream -a translucent night in a pine forest

you are my choice -share my heart of the forest lake

between the whispers the moon was there and he did whispered to my ear

give birth to a child

that child should be mine

and the moon was mine, he was mine

my belly round moon did touched around, he did gave kisses to my belly a round

he did caress my skin

I was awake, he did made my skin alive

he did kissed me like that, I have never  been kissed before

I have never ever been waited, and I am full emotions, I am the one you have been waiting for

he did sing his songs to me -my swan, more beautiful than others, flew to her Lord and hers wings got stained

she is more beautiful than others, a black swan

she is like a light rare, a heart of the forest lake

sorrow on her shoulders dreamer of the night is sitting on the stairs, she can not give you any answer why she is sitting there

she do not hear your words when sorrow is around her, she sees that same nightmare every night-night is never right for her

night tide wakes her night  and she never sleeps tide when pictures fall apart

movement stays always ahead, it is still

she is looking a trail of life

she is looking an understanding what happened on life, behind the light she is searching of her love one, where is he walking, why did he leave me here

she seeks for him, but there is no bound, that golden seam has gone

she is asking where is he walking all day long, all night

why everything disappears, and why light is still rare -stays on beside

she can not see the trail of life

she touches with her fingertips on the paint surface on the staircase railing

has someone seen this railing, before me, before my time 

where are you my love - my chosen one

why did you  leave me here before my time

where have you gone tonight, I am here, I am ready to leave

where are you walking all night

 -have you been there out all night

she is wondering who has touched these railings before her time

because time is hollow, even the paint did faint away

like love has - after time to time

she is tired, she just wants to be an angel, before her time

life was just too hard on her - joy was not there beside her side

her joy is light, it is still rare

even she has been ready to leave, so long time - she just wants to find joy, an angel who lives there on the blue blue sky

she wants to leave before her time, and her name will be joy then -in that rare light

 to go away, to not not stay -in the northern trails there are nothing to be said, nobody cares

she is wondering do you see also the darkness at the border of the light

she feels the voices but others do not know what the silence feels like

like light does not know how it cuts through darkness -leaves scars, breaks joy every time

and only thing what light leaves behind is silence

she was 

sometimes there in the night

 -she did descended

sometimes she was thar night that did stayed on that cold-dying birch skin

she was that dusk quietly descending

she could paint everything -without words without solicitude

when her love one told her- you are not the one - she did find her limits

and without him she did noticed

 that she could disappear into the fog, that she could  fall moss softness

she find out that she can  taste the wood sorrel

she insist to be   insane, to go fishing without bait, her toe in the water as a  bait

when her love one did leave her, she find out that she could see how the wave was swaying, and she did find light, and that she could see a child who is dancing on the sand

without her love one she did see the city lights from the driving distance at the first time

without her love one -she did flew, with the wind 

without her love one she did dare to climb to the tree to see the squirrel nest

and without her love one and his words she was the dusk on that cold dying birch skin -she could paint everything

without her love one she did fall in life

and again she did fall in life and she did fall in life and the light never dod catch her 

and her love one is just a memory in a dream, what eventually faints away

like paint on the stair railing

and she do not remember him never again, she only cries those years what she did throw away before her time, before she did find out, she is the light

summer is a memory -a dream, a moment before harvesting

it is the time to cut the grain -in the darkening summer breeze wheat tumbles, in the rain

when the rain falls, roaches arrive

I love the sand between my toes

I love the breeze on the trees

autumn worships trees, autumn is doing their September paintings 

autumn  wants to strip trees out of their frames

just as you wanted to disarm me but you did forget that I am not the  summer

you forgot I do not move to your course

I do not turn - even I feel the coldness

I am white and I am the bright -I am the winter

I do not move in your direction  - even you ask, I do  not chance my course to your side

and I know, summer always adheres on my demands -even though winter is cold and white, and maybe little bit in sorrow, while the summer cries its childish words to the autumn -you should change your direction

winter always returns

can you play wild love, can you

 or are you just a responsible friendship, even though you want to be more

the one and only, at the point when you have to make a choice, whether you are

are you a word that gives a tired -break

are we together

you have to be more childlike

 are we the moments when we should understand that we are timeless 

do you believe in silence and uncontrollable -unspeakable love

and yet you tell me that you forgot gray and I give you permission to be  wild

you do let me break my definitions but you try to tore my touches without force

you should not say a word -love

I do not believe a word love, it is just a drawing on the bed--------------- and I did tore it down of the wall

so,  what now?

where your choices did go

you do whisper to me

you are falling to pieces

still I want your love or just to be your friend, if that is only thing, what I can get from you

because you do not know how it feels when you have to stay together, only with your own words-that is your love to me, where no one can go on

 you do not know how to be my skin story without a touch, when I have broken emotions -black feelings invades me they runs through me, without limits, all sounds are louder then, and your voice is only thing what keeps me hanging on life, then I see the light, a morning sun

when you find your force, and you do intrude under my skin, your voice is 

intact second last word only a moment weaker than your first 

and I am just a whisper in those trees where wind do run through even though I did try to steal  their drawings

 cause even beauty breaks down

and you will force - wind  to run through my skin, that is the way you make it alive, and I will run with these broken emotions

are you using my joy - what happened to your own one

I want my joy  back -did you treat your joy badly, are you using my joy 

I want you to leave your faith here, I want you to loose your touch your breathe

your will is breathless

faith was a storming sky and time is useless - it is on my hands, we are under a love

why you are so silent -today, love

did you treat your joy bad

what did you do last night, love

where you restless -did you remember where you live, love

it is time to run through your love, love

and I just run through your love, love

and it did run out

when I was faithless, I did let you pick the colors even colors were my true love

and I did found them - you did took my joy and 3 times more

still you bleed me, give me my joy drink or love still feel me when I am restless

inside- tangled brokenhearted 

give me my joy back you ask all over again -that is only thing -I need more

but after this all 

do not ask me to give to you -your joy, love

I  need mine back -do you know where the beauty lies

do you know where you did leave your joy and where did your joy  did go, when she was tired of waiting for you - and your useless joy

and you still ask, remember me

give me my redemption -at my lowest moments, remember what I could be, with your joy, love

when your beautiful moments do blink to me, it is like  the light lives -remember  when time has gone, that  time what we spent together even we both were alone

even though you did knew I was afraid and a sad and alone, you did leave me behind that wall 

and I walked through these empty rooms without saying a word

I wasn't thinking option's, when I was walking in silence, I did found out, my love, you are not here anymore, you did took my joy- you took my pleasure without permission

when speech has lost it's position -words are boundaries and they all are actions -unlimited words are something else what I am, but I guess you know

laws are made by them who has own vocabulary -my words are shy and they all hide

they are reflections - on my mind

so you say, my love -lets go on, because you my love one are my only truly joy

otherwise the road is not chancing -others can not find the protection when I am apart

I am not looking for words they are not shelter to me

when light is falling apart from the darkness, it will rise and it is wide and it is in action

my lost joy did whisper to me -fall beauty

-baby, fall back 

it resolves issues  on your mind -you are wide darkness without consolation

when I'm here and you do not know I'm near, you are an air to me - you are my lost joy

and I want it back

you do not see that you are privileged and no one else should matter to you like I do

I am not part of the factor you want to notice

I have storms in my hands and still I have nothing, without you, I don't know how to hold you - there, on the halfway street, I am not living there

because you previously did ignored me and you will feel the bound which one is pressing me down

I wish you would find the love you wanted to leave, I know I am that one

why don't you see things like I see, you think that evergreen is nonsense

my lazy days makes you hating me-why you do not say a word during  the night

You do  not know how to protect me, with you I never sleep

if I do not get your joy -in case  of that, I have to take in actions

I'm just too lazy to find a new love 

why do we need to  think Dao

 you were edited -  for me, my joy

no one is letting you free, joy

you have to live inside me, in silence

I never give you, your joy back

but love, I am the wind

wind vortex

I want the touch

I'm touching  YOU but I do not understand why you are not touching me BACK

and I will be cold for you even the wind is mellow -I am the wind even you whisper to me stay together, remember my joy

my story is my skin, touch, you have to know when I have broken emotions

you penetrated me

touch. I did felt yours. -I'm gone

the wind seeks my whispers

wind- stays like forever - lost forever 

but, it's will has not disappeared

you don't need their words, it whispers to me, I  am a whisper in your mind

go through you existed,  though their words are silent, morning dusk is when the evening cheats the sunrise

thirsty birch trees are waiting for the rain, they are tired without water, without relief

humming noise is lost on silent

timid voices run at the forest - to the border- to the opposite shore

 in the river

water did died on that summer

silent air is waiting when time is good enough -good to be, when to touch

and though I know I'm distraction -you're are my power

the one who walks alone is  flood

I have lived here alone  next to the river bend, beside my husband, and I am obvious to him, and he sees all that what he can see

and when he can see all this- I am his joy

but I was looking answer's - why I'm a far away from there where I should go - why I can not feel the joy

this place is just an apartment to me and when I cry here in my so called home feeling lonely, only the wind responds to my call, the wind is just a breeze that meets my world

the wind is telling to me, you have to grow, emptiness is not your town

you have to be the soil under your feet

touch the soil with your fingers -it is still warm, it is the life because it is the light

now you have to be ready to leave without reason -you need to read the map'S without knowing where you are going

you do not have the roots here

they don't know how to grow here 

this empty land is cold 

you have to make your way out of here

they do not care for you

take your drinking water from the sky -grow, be the roots of your life

roots folds over obstacles

you know, you have to go

embrace the sky

colors are the endless kiss, always around you -kisses fall to your side, beside you, they are your type

assimilate it -hunting noises goes through the sea through the headland

lean on the ground

take your own step

make a journey -take the first step

be ready  -to leave, with your joyful heart

there is no limit on time and here is no limit on mind-take your good heart 

it is time to go, to think where you did leave your joy, where is your direction

slide your fingers through mold, you know your route - when you are gray, and you have seen everything

timid mind is always at first -blind about colors

it regards verity

when your mind is no longer alone and color's and a shade's  do invades you

your last word is a touch, a painting

and the wind will steal your whisper and the beauty of your words will disappear in the front of the vanity 

when your heart is a stone

that stone will be sand

are you that old three who remember's more than a human

are you,  that water drop who is falling from the sky, and has seen all Ocean's

the edges of the stone will be sand  

on that Ocean's rock bottom

it only takes time - to turn over

your first step is a quiet echo, your are the stone who is falling down into water

 only remember, those water reflections what you did leave behind

 will be sand on time