Painting  called "Signs" is on sale.

This painting is painted with acrylic colors and with Indian Ink. Size of the painting is 100cmx100cm, and it is painted on wedge frame. The painting is primed well, there is at least 8 paint surface, on this painting, so I do always priming well. 

I think that the first version of the painting was not good, because even though it was controlled and it felt like ready, it was like really boring. And I hated it. So I did painted it again, and I think, now it is much better. Because you can read the signs there, as you wish. So, because I am not like controlled and felt like ready like person, I had to change that picture. And I am happy, that I did that. 

This painting is not framed.  If you buy this painting, I think the best color for frame should be color called ochre. I think this painting do need that color, and only that color on frame. The price without VAT is 4400 euros. On this painting is same delivery and payment terms, what painting Illusion and Weeds has. 

Painting called Illusion is on sale at the moment.

This paintings name is Illusion. Because in this painting you can see, what ever you want see. It is made with acrylic colors and there is also, hint of ink. Painting do consist of four pieces, the pieces are wedge frame pieces. There is a good support structure behind the painting. In this painting has double framing, inner frame is red, and it is metallic, and thicker and outer frame is white wood frame, and this frame is hard wood, it is made of birch. This is a big painting, and this is only piece. I have not made similar type painting like this, and I am not going to do that again. This is not available for order painting, If you want to buy this painting, this is only piece, also framing is different than usually,  so this painting is suitable for not traditional home, I think that one who is buying this painting, I think he or she has to have little bit good sense of humor. 

This painting is suitable for home who do respect variety also in art. This painting looks like it would have painted with chalk, even it is painted with acrylic colors. 

The width of the painting with the frames is 97,5 cm. The height of the painting with the frames is 115 cm. The depth of the white frame is 5 cm. This is also painting that I hope that buyer do see first, because when I do my painting, I think when I paint them how  they look different in different light. So You Have to see the painting first, because when I took a picture, there is only a certain lighting there. And the painting looks different for example, when the lighting is dim. 

I can sell the painting without review, and send it by mail to the buyer, but then there is not Money back guarantee. 

Details without frame. So you can see from this picture, this painting do consists of four pieces.
Details without frame. So you can see from this picture, this painting do consists of four pieces.

Painting called Illusion price is without VAT 5400 euros. 

In this painting I have same payment and delivery terms, what painting below has. 

Painting Weeds is on sale at the moment. 

This painting "WEEDS" below is a unique painting, and it is for sale. This is a modern painting, it's style is almost cartoon-like. 

The painting "Weeds", is for sale. Size is 100cmx100cm. Painting is painted with mixed technique, basically everything else can be found on this paining except oil colors, for the reason that I am allergic to them. This painting is painted with acrylic colors, glue, Indian ink, ink, and Linseed oil. The painting is modern, and quite the modern extremity, that is, it is not suitable for homes who do have a deep respect for traditional paintings, because this painting is like opposite for that. Initially the work title of this painting was "give all flowers to flourish. ", but it was like a damn dull painting, and I hated it, then I did figured out, that usually where is a  flower there is a weed. So, I did added weeds there, and now this painting is working all fine. This painting just needed weeds.  So this paintings name is that "Weeds".

Painting is not framed, if necessary, I can help you choose a suitable frame for this painting free of charge. The painting is done on a ready made painting board, I think the correct term here might be a wedge frame. There are at least 8 paint layers on this painting. This painting is looking for a home where is needed color to the walls. This painting is a unique piece, no other versions of this painting have never been made or will not made. So this is a promise what I am going to keep, because it took me long time to paint this. So, this is NOT available for order painting. Only one and unique piece. This is your only chance to purchase it.

Smaller painting on the picture is on sale on next year. AND it is only piece, too.
Smaller painting on the picture is on sale on next year. AND it is only piece, too.
My paintings on spring light, I do think differently, than one Finnish visual artist who did say in an interview, that she so do not need "the" light, only hers working space, but I do need light, it is my tool.
My paintings on spring light, I do think differently, than one Finnish visual artist who did say in an interview, that she so do not need "the" light, only hers working space, but I do need light, it is my tool.

Payment Terms and Delivery

The price of the painting will be paid in advance either by bank transfer or cash. Also  in the case of a cash payment, I do give a receipt. If the painting is delivered to the buyer by post, the insurance costs of the painting are charged separately from the buyer. The ownership of the painting is transferred to a buyer after the payment. If the painting is sold to other country than Finland, buyer of the painting is paying taxes and other custom fees, what there might be. 

I do not sell on credit or on the installment plan, I do not borrow my painting for fee, and reason for that is a Finnish taxing system. 

That is, the purchase price of the painting must be paid in one installment and in its entirety. Paintings price do not include VAT. 

I also don't sell paintings for people who bargain. The price of this painting is that 4.100 euros. 

Painting can be seen by agreement, this painting is a unique piece. The buyer or the person who is representing the buyer must see the painting before the purchase decision. If this is not possible to arrange, I can make a sale, but in this case there is no money back guarantee. So I do prefer that the buyer sees the painting first, because painting looks always different, with the natural lighting. 

I will check the details of the potential buyer and the credit information in advance. 

When the painting is sold, you will also receive a receipt for the purchase. After the payment, the painting comes with authenticity and a certificate of ownership. After the payment of the purchase price, the painting has no longer return right. 

So price of the painting is, without the VAT, that 4.100 euros. If there is more than one buyer who is interested to buy this painting, the one who is making better offer to me, will have the painting, then the above amount is the starting price. 

Contact info at the end of this page, there you can find also info, what information I do collect, when I do trade. 

Painting prints below are on sale.  I have asked an example of Chinese printing house, who is printing also art prints, if the example is good quality, it is good chance, that I did found mine printing house, what I am going to use. 

But you can still buy rights to use these  prints as you wish.

I will check the printing house what you want to use before printing, and I will check their printing quality, too. And If the quality is not right, I will tell you that. So I want to accept printing house before printing. Because it is really important for me, that the buyer will get the best quality, what there is. Usually it is good idea check the printing house quality beforehand, because there are big differences between different firms in the printing quality. Usually they tend to promise little too much. And there are also good quality printing houses, but they are expensive.

Only those four photo based painting print are on sale, at the moment. Buy rights to use it, the way you like to use it. You can choose the size and material. But I need to check the printing house what you are using, because I want to make sure that you are getting best printing quality, what there is. Contact info below. So you can buy my prints even you are not here in Finland.

Contact info, further on this page. 

MY IMAGES ARE totally COPY-PROTECTED. Do not steal, do not buy pictures that someone has stolen. They are difficult to separate from each other. But you can always ask, if you are not sure. Contact info below.

If you do not know how to make them, but you want them. You can buy rights to use them, for example in magazines, or in fabrics. You can buy rights to use them with various different prints, you can choose the size and material, and I give you rights to use them, but I want to know you first, who you are and what you do, and above all, what you want to do, and then I can offer you different options, for example, if you want to buy a picture, what no one else has rights, they are little more expensive. And I tell you if the print has sold earlier.  And if you buy exclusive rights to use a certain print, then you got the only piece.  But you have to be in contact with me first, info below. My languages are English and Finnish. 

Be creative. If your walls are totally white, and you are totally fed up that eggshell white, and if you are totally fed up those people who think, that is "fine" -find your solution. And that is Artno Web.  I am Artno Web, my name is Irene Mirjami Lyytinen, at your service. My contact info is below, but only for those who believe in colors, and different options. All the colors are my favorite, and I do find solution what fits for you. And if they try to stop you, be more creative and more colorful. Be more. You are.       If you want to buy art from Finland, I will help you and I tell you what art is worth your money here. I have a Silent Shopper service, I can do art purchases for you.                                   

ARTno Web is not collecting any information from private persons, the only information what is gathered on ARTno Web pages is the number of daily visitors. Information about those who buy art on my pages or use Silent Shopper service, I will collect only the information needed to manage and maintain the customer relationship, including billing. Private customer information are collected by name, address, phone number, email address, including shipping and billing.  The information, what I do collect in case of company customer is company name, business ID, shipping address, billing address, payment term, contact person name, phone number, e-mails. I also collect information on deliveries and invoicing.

My Studio Address. So I am up here North. 

ARTno Web

045-24 787 40 

from abroad to Finland number is


Please, do note that I only accept calls that display the caller's number.

I am not using

I am not using

Be creative, take a break, let me help you.

I can help you find a visual artist whose art suits you best. At its best, the art of corporate premises reflects what the company is, what the company has done in the past, and what the company is aiming for and what the company values ​​are, art is the most effective visual communication.

I can also check the company's marketing material what you use here in Finland and is that suitable to Finland. What comes to visual communication, I can, if necessary, help you develop the company's visual communication, marketing is above all visuality. Human being is a visual being and reads a visual message, first. And I do give you honest feedback, so If you want hang on your feedback vacuum, I am not your choice. But if you are ready to take a chance, and you need a chance, I help you do that. Because when I come to your firm, I do bring chance with me. The right information is the right way to do the right strategic decisions. 

 I teach you to think differently. 

If necessary, I can help with the design of marketing materials, including packaging, business cards, online visual expression, company facilities and logos. Or I can check the quality what your marketing services are doing now. 

But I have to give you a warning, I like colors, modern art and I will find you art from abroad and from Finland, and I will offer you different solutions that others have provided, I will help you to find your art, even if it means we have to find it outside Finland.

I can handle the art buying process,  through the Silent Shopper service.

Through the Silent Shopper service, you can also order your company's external communications and visual development service.