Silent shopper service

Do you want to do business here in Finland but you are not sure you are getting the best deal what there is, I can check that for you, so your customer or partner to be, do not need to see who is really doing background checking. I do it for you. I do it silently, your customer can see only my info there in register, if they want to know, who was doing the check there. Here in Finland register information is public, and if you want the check the information, you have to pay the cost what register is demanding on it. And the one whose info you have checked can see ONLY MY info, because legally they have rights to know, if somebody has checked their info. And sometimes that is really annoying, when you just want to collect information, they have to right to know it. I can help you in that.

Customer pays all the costs directly to me, in advance, what I get when I do check register info's, so you do not have to worry, that they find out who really did wanted to check their background, I will check every time what the cost is on certain register before checking, and customer pays that sum for me advance without VAT, before info check. The information what I need from the person or company whose background customer wants to check, is only the information, what is needed to check the register information. Customer will tell me, what info they want to check, I do research, is that possible to do, in that scale what customer wants. 

This is good way to make sure that your employees have time to do their job, and I do this kind of extras. 

This service is silent, you do not have to compromise you relationship with your customers or partners future, even you want to do little research, I sell silent information for you, you don't have to worry that it would compromise your customer relationship with them, in the future. 

Silent Shopper register info service is priced based on hours. 

Silent Shopper register info service price is 86 euros/hour + VAT( Finland 24%)

I will sell the quiet information for you, and then you can do the right decisions.