What went wrong?

By the way, I do comment here mainly my private thoughts, so if you find that awkward you should not read these. These "What went wrong", stories are mainly some short of little stories about my life. Usually things apparently go wrong, what comes to private matters. There is also things that goes well, but I don't tell those things here, they are not interesting things to the readers. And those things are private. Basically I am a Finnish, we want to talk only things, that has gone wrong, or possible in some point will go wrong. And we love to talk, if other has done something wrong too, because then we think, that things has gone right, because of that that thing what went wrong with others, did not go wrong on us. And then we are happy nation. Oh, is that the reason, why Finns tend to think, that they are the "happiest" nation ever on earth? BASIC THING IS I AM NOT TOO SERIOUS WHEN I WRITE THESE THINGS, SO WHEN YOU READ DO NOT BE TOO SERIOUS EITHER, IT IS NOT GOOD TO BE SERIOUS ALL THE TIME,  IF SOMETHING, DID GO SERIOUSLY WRONG, BECAUSE USUALLY, THAT IS NOT HELPING SITUATION. 

I think secret phone numbers should be illegal. I do get a lot of phone calls from callers who has decided not to show they phone number to me.

Reason for that is, I have a difficult lumbago on my backbone, so I am going to be little while on sick leave. And because Finnish doctors do not want to give pain medication, I have had hell pain time here. So I am thinking, here what I am able to do.