Please do read this notice.

Image spam criminals did steal some of my images from my internet pages, but you can see my pictures and read my poems safely here in my internet pages.  

Some body was stealing my images (it was a spam address, I am not going to write it here), so please be careful when you open my picture through Google Image Search, you have to check the address first, what is the below the picture, and if the address in not written, please do not open that picture, there might be also other pictures what they use for false profiles. So under my name has been made false profiles. Identity Theft's are a problem here in Finland as well, and specially I have had that problem for 11 years, after I divorced. There has been several different internet false pages on my name, what are not my internet pages, they do constantly new false profiles for me also for different "dating" internet pages, what are not my ad's.

I did try them once actually, I think it was last year, but the most best offer was from a man, who did send me a picture, where I could not see his face, only chin, so he was little intimidating to me, and I did not wanted to meet him, because I was thinking, he might be a crazy ax-killer, rapist or criminal or something like that. (and that is a true story... by the way he did have a clothing on, on that picture, and that was much better picture what others did send me, usually, there were none clothing on those pictures.. so I was not interested of them... This gay, who did have a clothing on, was roundabout 207 centimeters, even though he did told me that he is 187, yeah maybe up to his chin, he had a broken chin from the left side, I think there were scars on his hand, and there were scars on the neck too, I think he had been an accident, sometimes. So I am visual artist, I do collect visual info, I did noticed that he had a nice shoes, they were made for him, by a shoemaker (and I know who made them, because my ex-husband has used this shoemakers services, so I was thinking, he might be wealthy ax-killer, so I did not wanted to see him. He had quite cheap coat on him on the picture, but he had jeans on the picture, and they were expensive one..  and he was standing beside the door on that picture, and because doors are made here in Finland to a certain size, so it was quite easy to calculate how tall he really was. And I think he had also a picklock in his pocket at the picture, and it was like??? What? So what can I say, I am of the theme here... no, I just wanted to make a point, here). And that is that I do have an eidetic memory, which is quite handy, when I am visual artist. So I have no need to collect any information, because I do remember them otherwise, and sometimes it is a blessing, and sometimes it is a curse, I do remember also other pictures what they did send to me... otherwise I also remember all the registration numbers of the cars I've ever seen, and it's really tiring and then it is not nice talent, so I do not have a need to collect info here on my internet pages, I do remember them otherwise. So if you want to do similar 3 dimension images what I do, you have to have eidetic memory, because they are quite complicated to do. There are several phases what you have to do with, certain order. And It is not working, if you do not remember, what you did earlier. So my memory system is picture oriented, I do remember pictures really well, If I hear a song I do not remember the words, unless I see them written. So I do analyze pictures all the time, it is my way thinking. 

So I do only have this one page. I do not send spam to no one, and If you find others pages on my name or on my pictures, they are false profiles. 

I am not sending no one spam.

I do have a background files, just in case, if they succeed to fall down my internet page. 

So be aware those image spam situations. In principle, in this case, when they did stole my pictures, it has now happened that someone has decided to link the images on my page to their own ip-addresses. So, I did check other pictures what they have in Google Image Search with the same address what they used stealing my images, and they are all basically the same, so there are a lot of images what they have stolen to under the same address name, and if you open those pictures, the image's are not linked to a different internet address from where they did take the images, but those internet addresses where they did linked these stolen images are not nice addresses, and these addresses are their own addresses. And I did found those addresses repulsive, they did reminded the answers what I did get through suomi24 dating service. I think, this Finland sometimes, is really strange place. 

So, image spam losers did steal my images, but apparently that happened also others, and that is the one part of the internet world. I have no information from others on my pages, I do not collect payment contact information or other information, because my pages are private. Only info what here on my pages is gathered is the info what webnode service is collecting, and that is the number of visits, on my pages daily basis. So I do not collect other information, only number of visitors. 

And funny thing, I have done nothing to no one, I did divorced, because my husband was not good being a husband, and that is the basic reason, why they do things like that to me, stealing pictures and false profiles, and also stalking on the internet and otherwise. When I did try that dating service last year with my own name, I did get a lot of weird answers and those were those internet stalkers, but after that, I did try that without my real name, and I did met somebody, and it was strange, all answers I did get then were from normal men. So maybe you should not believe everything what you are reading through internet. 

 What would you think, If I would decide to do a painting called I know what it feels like, to wake up at night when my husband did try to strangle me with his leather belt. I think it would be really realistic painting. And I think, it is right time to ask, who is living in fantasy world? Because somebody is. I think those people who are stalking me because I did divorced, are really strange people and I think, they have something gone seriously wrong with their minds. I also could do a painting, I know how to survive from the situation when I did wake up during night, when my husband was strangling me with his leather belt. So up yours! 

Or Should I do a Painting I know how it feels like, when my husband who is really much bigger physically than I am tries to strangle me when I am sleeping, with his leather belt, I think that could be better name for that "painting". So it feels really strange to me, that people are stalking me because I did divorced, and I really could do that painting, because I know. I could also do a painting I have a medical certificate on. That paintings name could also be, I had a tumor number 2 in my throat then, and they had to do operation, and they did find out, some bones were broken there on my throat,,, so still, up yours! I could also do a painting, my tumor ruptured, then, and I have medical certificate. I could also do a painting, I did got my deep voice that way, that something did went broken to my throat. I could do also a painting, after that something went broken on my throat, I knew how to sing blues, because my scale were lowered many scales in my voice area.  So there were that silver lining for that cloud. 

I could also do a painting, I really so do not care what you think about me. I could also do a painting, I trust only persons who are able to think, with their own brains.  I could also do a painting, money stinks. I could also do a painting, I do not trust you if you try to make a point through your money. I could also do a painting, of course I do not trust you, if you are sending me pictures, where I can not see your face, because I am not stupid. I could also do a painting of course I was curious, even though I got strange pictures, but then I did remember my ex-husbands sentence what he did say to me and that was "What did killed the cat?" I was, so what did, he said "Curiosity". I could also do a painting, it is the most stupid way to get to know somebody, if you are trying to send her naked pictures of you against her will. I could also do a painting, my husband did ask how many lives you have all ready used, there can not be many left. And I was what? He was, you have to count your lives, honey cat. So I am not curios any more, because I have used them. Oh, maybe that has happened to me, has time golden the memories?

So do you trust your money, do you speak moneys words. Yeah, that would be a good subject for a painting. Who is using his money wrong? That would be a good theme of the painting, too. So I could do a painting I have experienced 11 years of persecution after the divorce, so I really do not care anymore. I have not spoken my situation earlier, because I was thinking, this is a private matter, but basically, I think, maybe I have to, because my words do tolerate the sun. And because you internet stalkers constantly do those attack against a victim here, it is right for me to say, you are a bunch of losers. And sorry, but you are.

Here in Finland there is a saying, it is better to be under the sky, then under the shoe. And I am so happy, that I did that decision, that I did divorced, and I did leave that golden cage, and away being under that custom made shoe. 

I still continue happily living under the sky, I am not going to marry never ever again. It was awful to be married, it was really terrifying time period in my life. It is much nicer to be "single". Here in Finland is a also a saying, Time golds the memories, I have to say, it has not happen to me yet. So it is really strange to me, that people are stalking me also here in internet, because I did divorced. I think they might not be living in the real world, they are living some kind odd fantasy world, where reality is not option. 

I could get married, if I find somebody who is bigger than my ex (he is a big guy), and he should have more money than my ex has (and he is loaded, I do not care nobody's money, but my ex would), and he should treat me better than my ex did, but I think, that it is quite easy task to do, because the level is not high there. And if my ex would be terrified for him, it would be nice, and I would love him for doing that. It would be nice that he would have similar voice what Sergei Lavror has (because his voice is hot, I really like hear the news where he speaks, what is silly, because, I really do not understand Russian language, but his voice affects me like that), and It would nice that he would accept the fact that I am better shooter what he is (also with the arrow), so I will be so sold, If I will find him. (Usually, that is the final deal breaker, that I shoot better). I have not found him yet. Oh, if he would be good golf player, it would be nice challenge for me, because I always win, so golf is boring to me, nobody wants to play golf with me. So still "single", because my hopes are not realistic ones. And that was little self related humor here. So maybe you do understand, that I really do not care what you think. So If you know somebody who would be good for me, there is on-line form below. But if I get answers where is no clothing on or I can not see eyes, because, I like eyes, I am not interested, and If you have grey eyes, it is a bonus. Otherwise, I am not interested. Okei, And I think, if he would know how to speaks Russian language, it would nice, because it would be nicest way to learn that language, I am inpatient woman, I have not interest to go back school again. Or should he be Russian, I have to think that, I did met a woman named Olga last year, who did get divorced from Finnish man, who was violent, and she told me, that Russian men are better than Finnish man, because they do take care their woman, but I do not know nothing about that, so who I am to tell. Olga told me also that it is not good idea for me go on holiday on Sothsi, without a male friend. SO I am thinking, maybe is should go holiday on Sotshi, that I would understand, what she did meant. 

And thing is if these internet losers knock my pages down, I open my page again. And I have also other images, what I have here in Internet, so there is a lot more, every picture or painting what I have done, is not on display here on my pages. And If somebody is copying them without permission, because of that I did create a fault with every picture what I have here in internet, and versions without a fault I have with me with my pack-up files, so I can check which version is an illegal copy. So if I sell them sometimes, they are made from decent copies. 

Figure that, how come this is possible, a visual artist did that kind of joke.. by the way if you do not appreciate my art, and you are thinking that I am stupid woman who is thinking too much of herself, do try do similar picture without copying it from here internet, you may find that, they are little bit difficult to do... and then you could send them for me through that on-line form, and I could give some info here, how you could do them better. And really, you dickheads, I really do not mean 3-dimensional "Mr. Dick" pictures, I have seen them all ready, enough. By the way, my ex did have bigger and thicker, what you have been sending to me to my e-mail, so when I was looking your pictures, I was thinking.. _Losers! They are small in mind and also small in size. And I have been married, I have one child, so I think, I do know, what they look like without pictures, because my child was created with old fashion way. 

So seriously, do you think at all, what you are doing? And if I do pictures like that what is below it does not mean, that I would be a lesbian, and I would want naked pictures of woman, in my e-mail, that picture means only, that I am visual artist, and I like to play with forms. I see human bodies above all, that they do consist of different forms. And because I am visual artist, it is my thing, to play with forms. Do I say it again, or do you get the picture? Do you really think, that I did divorced just for fun, because I did not have nothing else to do? Do you really think, it was "fun" for me leave my work and my decent incomes (because I did work there in my ex's company, and I did knew that he will tell stories about me others, what are not true), and I did take that risk, that I never will find again a decent job from my area, because he like's to talk, a lot of nonsense. But I was thinking, when I did take that risk, there might be human beings, who do can to separate the truth from lies, but after 11 torment years, I have to say, I was wrong. People almost worship money here, and people who got it. I am like, what but he speaks his moneys worth, but they do not get the message,,, maybe you should look from wikipedia, what irony means. So you really think, that I did decided to get divorce just for fun, without reason, and I did chose to be poor, just for fun.. Really, do you think? Or did I just decided to change my career, just for fun. Because seemingly it is impossible to find a job here in Finland for me, in food industry area, because my ex-husband is working with the same field, and they think, I did divorced, "just for fun, without no reason". Really, do you think? Even though you internet losers know how to do programming, you can not think. And now you did find out, that I am good also within other things, you have to do this kind of stupid things like stealing my pictures, but art is different issue, I know I am good, I know I am different, and I know that is a good thing, when you are doing art. SO UP YOURS, AGAIN. 

That picture below is made several different images where is Ashley Graham, and I did combined those several different images of Ashley together to this picture. And if this picture actives you wrong way... it is your own problem, so please do NOT send me any naked pictures of you, even you feel frisky and active after watching my art. So sorry, I never take nude pictures of me, even a "genteleman" wants to change pictures with me.. you just have to keep fantasize about that "middle aged" woman... And I decided to do that modern day Afrodite picture by using hers pictures, because I think she might be also beautiful inside, and that means that I think, she has nice character, too. And there are only few where those two aspects do combine.

My images are copy protected, also that picture above, because it took me time to do it. We are talking here something like 120 hours. 

Even though I do not sell art at this moment, please do note that the images and poems on my internet page are copy-protected and copyrighted.  Photographs, poems and images shall not be used or published without my written permission. If you see pictures printed without my permission, please do contact me through on-line form, that I can take legal actions in that case. 

You can contact me also with other issues, through on-line form. My painting's are signed always with my two given name Irene Mirjami. My surname is Lyytinen.

contacts only via the on-line form below