Apparently I am on line in Netherlands too, really I am NOT


I did discovered, I have pages on my name, also in Netherlands. I have not open pages there, because I have no contacts there, and I have no need to be there, and really, only thing what I am selling, is art. 

Someone is really trying too hard here. This someone is trying to create an image for me, on internet and on-line, that I would appear to be totally different what I am. 

Only pages what I have in the net is my pages, all the other pages are fake pages, I am Not in the Face either. 

Only mine own internet address is real. Others are fake. Like face news there!

So if you can think, you know the drill here what is going on. 

Apparently mental problems do create mental situations. 

Like Fake News always are. 

Could I say, fake mental situations. 

Or was this anecdote, too mental.