Did name day go wrong or right? I really do not know.


So, we here in Finland have so called name days, and yesterday was the name  day of the Sofia. Name days are like nice days here in Finland, people usually say good name day to you, and lets go to have a coffee and piece of cake, too. 

I do know one person who is Sofia, from her second name, I was thinking do I send her an e-mail, and do I congratulate to her for her name day. But the problem is, I was thinking, maybe she do not want to get name day congratulations, because apparently she do not like her name, and not from the person who did gave that name to her. What is so silly, Sofia is so beautiful name. 

So, I was like, it would be nice to give congratulations, but after I was thinking this issue, I did not, because I was thinking, she will be defended about this question, so I did not give congratulations, even I wanted. 

So, did something go wrong? Or not. Finnish would think, this situation like, everything got right, because no one did talked to no one, but other world would see this situation differently. 

So as the viewing point of the Finns, nothing did go wrong. 

Other nations would thing, yeah, thinks apparently and seemingly did went wrong. 

But that is the way we do things here. We never ever talk. 

But I am not anymore sure, it that right or wrong way to do things. 

And maybe that is my fathers fathers Russian genes are talking here, because I am not knowing the right answer. Because those people like to have a party, I mean Russian people for all reason. Lots of good food and little drinking, too. (but no more smoking, ever again, my stupid doctor told me that, I think he do not know what the enjoyment is) and I was thinking that is a right way to do the name days. 

So I say this really silently, I hope you did have really nice name day, Sofia. 

(She is so beautiful Finnish women, with the beautiful name, and I am so sorry for that, she can not see that, and because she is a Finn, she do not listen what other people are saying.)