Everything is wrong in this picture. I do not know, why I have this kind of picture, but I do, maybe I should draw a picture instead. 


I was just kidding, this one is a Halloween picture, (it felt like " a life" long halloween), I just did meant with that comment above this picture, that the blond hair color is not "her" colour. 

So lets learn to read pictures, here, basically when I did wrote that headline, do I draw picture, it was a nasty comment, because it means, something has gone wrong, and when you did read that comment, you already where thinking, that something is wrong with this picture or the person on this picture, even you was not watching the picture. So do you get the picture... 

Even headline  guides interpretation, even though this picture is only harmless picture where someone is having a Halloween party, and having little bit humor in his life. So be careful, when you are reading headlines and seeing pictures, do you really know why this picture is here. So do you know my real motives, why I did put it here. So how come you could know, if you do not have right info to start with, with you interpretation. And right info in this case is? What? By the way I have right to use this picture, I took that picture, because I was having Halloween party too. So the one in the picture is my ex-husband. But this is so old picture. 

I did save this picture because I did wanted to remember that he had a sense of humor sometimes, when he was younger. And that was my motive to save this picture, even after divorce, I wanted to remember that he had a good sense of humor, when he was younger, so my choice to marry  him would not have been so bad choice. 

So my motive to put this picture here is what?

What is the point here. 

Basically point was, that blond really is not  "hers" color, maybe... I think my point was that you have to decide yourself what you see or hear or read. This is also a trick and treat question, I test Is he reading my pages, because if he sees that picture, I am sure he is going to whine that thing to me.. so I did go fishing on this question. I think, that has been my real motive on this case. I think it takes like 2 weeks or something that I get sued for this, and if he is doing that, I know for sure, what the real answer would have been. But thing is I have right to use this picture. It is my own picture, so I have right to use it, because it is only a harmless picture from a person who is having fun. 

So basically I am being a bitch here. I know he is getting annoyed by this, because maybe he is getting my point that I do have like 2000 other photos too, also from the so called Thief River where I did loved to go walking.

Thief River walking trail is a beautiful walking trail, in city called Lieksa. But I never walk there again, because apparently this rivers name is an Omen. 

So basic thing is I am a story teller, all artist are, so what is the "story" I tell here. Is this a true story or just a story, how could you know? I think the truth do lies under the images, but you have to know how to read the images or you have to be really good editing pictures, that you can make those blurred pictures unblurred again. And who is good editing pictures? Do you know someone? So I am just a storyteller, nothing more... because I did figured out, I can unravel those picture to parts, and collect them again. Basically that is the same process what I do with my photo base art prints, but in opposite order. So. I really love to do picture editing. By doing that you can ravel things. 

So back to basics here, there where a photo, a person in that photo, but in that photo is also that person, who did took that photo, do you know what that person who did took that photo did, before and after that photo was taken, even though you can not see that person in that picture, that person is  there in that picture, and maybe she was the one, who did create that situation on that picture, because she was having Halloween, too. But how could you tell? Even though you see only one person on that photo, there are actually 2 persons on that photo, but you can not see the other on that picture. So you have to little imagine things sometimes. 

This was that another person on that photo. But you could not see her on that picture, but she was there, behind the camera. And that person on that picture is me.
This was that another person on that photo. But you could not see her on that picture, but she was there, behind the camera. And that person on that picture is me.

So, you have to think, do you see the pictures correctly. Because when you see a photo, you have to think, who did took that picture. So who did took that picture above? Was it a selfie picture or did someone took that picture, and I was like, stop?

So, what would be the correct answer be? What is this picture telling to you. The picture is from last year. So if you are clever you can see, I do not use make up. (I am allergic).  What is on my neck there? Is there quite fresh scar, and why I do have that kind of scar there?

Did someone hurt me in a terrible way, was it accident, or thyroid gland tumor number three. Yes, it was that tumor, number three. And you can see that also on that picture, if you are clever. So I hope, I would be finally tumor free. 

So thank you to my, child, that you have been so supporting to your Mother on this situation, even though my situation was severe what comes to this health matter, I did survive, even though I have new scars to carry. So my value for thyroid failure was 100, when doctors do regard values over 10 appalling. Apparently I am a medical miracle, that I am still alive. They told me that there were one German man, who did had similar health problem like I did, his value, apparently was 101. So I have women's world record on my name on this question. Germany has this record on his name. Health care staff were like you should not be sorry that you did not get the world record, because then my value, would have been 102, and they told me that, if I would have had that value, I would have been dead. So, no remorse here. Finnish do say that silver is always lost gold. But I am happy to take the silver here. Because apparently, 101 is the highest value, what have ever been measured. So they did told me that, I have woman's record on my name, so I am happy about that. So, try that at home. There are sport and there are real athletes like me, who can take this kind of values, funny thing, apparently I am an athlete, like health care staff did told me.... So problem was my system was little while immune to thyroxine. So even they did gave me thyroxine, my system was not taking that in, at all. 

So, they did find in Europe 4 similar cases, where person did survive with these values, other values were 78, he was a man in Switzerland, and there were one man in Italy, his value was 68. So I try to enjoy my life, as much I can. But afterwards I am grateful of this, because now I know who has a good heart. Because there were people who did not help me, but there were also those who did. And thank you for all them, what you did for me. And those who did not help me, I think, they can go to hell or should I say, it would be nice, that they would experience the same what I did.  So I was hospitalized long time because of this, they did told me that I would have had a week left, but it was enough for me, because apparently I am an athlete.( No I am not, when you have a thyroid value like 100, you going to be fat, so fat. Even you do not eat nothing.) But maybe I am healthier now, because I do eat nowdays, like all day long, and I have not got fattier. And I do drink sometimes, too, and there is a lot of calories. 

So I made it. So would you have known that from that picture, if I would not have told you that. So now you have right info to start with, at least on that question. 

If I would have tittled that headline, it was a nice halloween, we had so much fun. You would think that photo totally differently, so how come you can be sure, what was in that picture after all? If you don't have right info to begin with.