I am not in dating site.


So, if you find an add from dating site, where is my picture, and you find my pages through google image search, I have to say I am not in dating site, so that picture is stolen picture or some else has opened that page for me, again, without my will, and this time apparently I have page in dating site, in Europe. Okey. I tell it again, that person who is opening these pages on my name or with my pictures is an internet stalker. So I really really really am NOT on any dating site on the this whole wide world. 

I have got weird messages, from Slovenia, Bulgaria, England and also from Poland, and also from Portland, USA and also from Russian and also from South-Africa, and I actually did got one message from Japan, and Venezuela, from Azor, one from Cuba, and actually also from Marocco and Turkey. And also from Cyprys, Tunisia, Egypt, and from Sambia.

SO, I really think, something might be gone wrong for somebody, for somewhere.

And because I am not stupid, it is no use you to send those messages for me. 

Because of course I am little bit suspicious, when I do get messages from countries, where I do have no contacts at all. 

And because I have also other things to do, I am not going to play that game. 

Not anymore. 

I was like married to someone like 18 years, it was not good experience for me. So I am not so in to "relationships" anymore, and because, I have also another thing to do. What is more fun. Relationships are not fun, they are like living a life sentence or hell. So no thanks. Do not take that personally, I say no to everybody, who wants to meet me through internet. 

Because if you want to know me, you have to be ready to meet me personally. And if you play games, you can play those games after that with somebody else. 

SO, PLEASE do believe me, I am NOT in dating sites, and I will not be in the future, either. 

Oh, I did forget I have got messages also from Slovakia, Australia (also from custom there), and French Toulouse, also from their customs, but I did not responded those messages either, because I do not have nothing to goods to declare in Toulouse either. 

Do You Get the Message, I am here in Finland, and you are all around a world there. We do not know each other. So do not contact me, with the romantic type or sexual related messages. Only business, but maybe I am not interested your business, because I am in to visual arts here. Oh. Do not send me visual pictures of you again, anymore. It would be nice. 

Before my divorce I was thinking, now I have seen everything, how low-minded people can be to each other, no I was wrong, now after 12 years post-separation persecution, I really have to say I was wrong. Apparently the world is full of different ways for human beings to be low-minded against somebody who they actually do not know at all. 

Yeah, maybe I would like to find a new love to my life, but I am not looking from internet. Actually I am not looking at all. And I think he has to find me, because I am tired of looking, and I have also another things to do. 

And I really start to have doubts about that thought, that I should find someone to my life. Only thing what I really care for a man, is a good heart. And apparently that is really hard to find, I start to think, what is wrong here on the world nowadays, why here is not anymore men with the good hearts. 

I want to find a man, who knows what means a saying, when you a leaving from here, only thing what you can take with you, to that other side is your good heart. And that was an advice what my father gave me, when I was a child. And that is the how I live and I have been living my life. I can not tolerate injustice. And if I find a nice fellow to me sometimes, he has to be similar as I am.  

So this internet thing, you can find garbage from there and the garbage can find you. But I am not buying crap. So do not buy that crap either. 

By the way, now I know who is doing that, when I did wrote that text above, I did realized that I know someone who knows someone who is originated from French Toulouse, and this one who is originated from there is madly jealous about that person that I know or did knew, but I do not want to know him again to eternity, and of course she is jealous without reason. I did realized that because that person from Toulouse knows someone from Qatar and I did got message from there, too. 

But that person do has noting to worry on my side, because I am actually a quality grand kind caliber woman, what she is so not, she just loves Louboutin shoes, and is ready to do everything that she can get those shoes, I am more like a Stetson and Boots kind of woman, and one pair is enough for me.  

So, I think, this case is so closed. But that is so true, you can find a garbage from internet and the garbage, can find you. Best wishes to you. A. Too. I think, you can keep him. I really do not want him back, even he would pay me new pair of shoes, and even he has money, he is so poor, because he is not going to have ever so much money, what that would require. But best wishes to you and your shoes, still.