this perverse person is continuing that thing, what that other dass did, so dud, get a life honey, and I really do got care

so this "baby" is stealing my pictures from my pages and is linking my internetpages, wrongly

Do you know I am 46 year old woman, so I really do not care this kind of stuff, dude. 

Because I know I am good, and more you do things like this, more certain I am, that I am really good what I am doing and I am going to continue doing my art.

Do you know I have couple political art prints here on my pages, I think you should link them wrongly, I think, after that even Finnish police would like to investigate this thing, I was like hmmm.... damn it, they did got that trick there. (Because they are Finnish who are doing this, so they do know the persons on those prints.)

Thing is I have contacted police for this, but I think there is also little bit attitude problem on the air, but lets try, please do link those pictures wrongly what I told you, after that I think, they do like to investigate that thing. (Because basic thing here is, when you follow the trails of this picture, you will find a finnish IP- address covered, so I think here might be more to behind here than just stealing my pictures, so internet stalking again.)

Would that be funny and nice thing to do. Can you take a challenge? I think, you know that after that it is really easy for me to do crime report that way, that they do investigate that thing. Because it is not illegal here to do political oriented art prints, but it is illegal to link those pictures wrongly. 

Big shark is not swimming on my waters never ever again, if this continues. But I think he has not got what it takes, he is so afraid little tiny fish. Oh. Maybe I am piranha. 

So. I am talking trash here, apparently this internet thing is full of trash, and you can find trash there and thing is The Trash can find you. But that is not reason to stop doing what you love to do. That is a reason to continue doing what you love to do.