More loosers in the NET


link below....

thing is more they do this, that way that they do use different addresses, even Finnish police will see, that this thing here is something other than just stealing pictures, and after that it is really easy for me to do crime report to them. 

They did linked my pages earlier to address, I have nothing to do with those pages either, and I have not used their services, and I will not, even these internet stalkers want to present that thing that way. 

So guys, more you give me new addresses, you are helping me to do crime report. So maybe few new address more, I think, after that coast is clear. Apparently this guy is using name David (his real name is not David, but if you decide to follow those pictures, you can find the real name, too) who is doing this, I did followed, the pictures. So "David" I think you are TIny and something is seriously wrong with your mind, and you really, honey you really do need to see a shirk.