Nightmares.... caused by painkillers... maybe, or maybe I have a bad "temper" inside me somewhere?


I do have painkillers because my lumbago, one side effect is that I see nightmares, because those medicines. 

It is really annoying actually, I see nightmare where is my ex-husbands friend, who wants to do a reconciliation with me, before he has to go away. Because he has talked a lot of bull of me, and also another person's... because he worship's my ex-husband, I think, but I guess I am happy that even one person likes him, in his heart. Because everybody needs a friend and love in his or hers life. I guess. 

And he was, I mean is really mean person, and I really do not want to see him not even in my dreams. 

How come side effect of painkillers can be this annoying. Having nightmares, here! It would be much nicer if side effect would be like seeing more warmer and moist dreams.... (just trying to kidding here, yeah, it is not working.. well either...). But if medical firms could do medicines like that, I think, they would be really popular. 

My another ex, was telling me that I see sometimes hyena dreams, and those dreams are not good thing for those who are in those dreams, because they are dreams where people are dying, and will dye after me dreaming of them. So, really not nice dreams here. 

So, you really do not want me to see, dreams about you...

So. Well. If that dream happens, and this awful person goes "away", bad for him. 

It was not nice dream. 

I really do not want to see that dream never again. And I never forgive him. 

Even he would like to match things up. 

So I am sorry, Mister "Tom of FInland", I never forgive you. But I really do hope, that that dream of mine where he is "going away," is not going to happen. It was not good thing to see what happens in that dream for him, at all.  

I really hope, I do not see that dream again. 

But when I did got divorced, I did see several dreams where my ex-husband was torn to pieces by a bear, those where nice dreams, really really nice dreams. 

By the way, I did see one dream of him too, I do not know was it a hyena dream or not, but apparently things happen, and same thing happened to him in that dream, what happened to another person so suddenly at this year... so fingers crossed here. But this person was 55 years old, when this going away so suddenly happened to him, and my ex is 48 years, so I guess I have to wait a while. I guess. I do not know. I only see stupid and awful nightmares here. 

By the way, what a woman can do, when she has met hers husband number three I guess, and he is total jackass. What can you do then, but I do get to see those nice dreams, when I think about him.

So do not flatter yourself if you read this, You are a jackass. And I need a better man. I have had those two, and I know, you know them, and I think you do agree, those were douchebags, what comes to knowing what a women really need. But maybe only painkillers are talking here...

So. Storytelling continues. I think. Be better man now on. Because good man is really hard to find. And if they have good heart, they are same sceptical as I am. And it is not nice to be sceptical all the time.

So I really hope, that writing this thing here helps me to end those stupid dreams what I did mentioned above. I hope that will do the trick. 

p.s. yeah, it do the trick. Last night I was dreaming, that I did painted a painting. Those are good dreams. And I like those dreams, where I am a night painter.