Secret phone numbers


I think secret phone numbers should be illegal. I do get a lot of phone calls from callers who has decided not to show they phone number to me. 

I never answer those calls. 

I think, if you are a decent human, and your thing why you are calling to me is decent, you show your number. But if you do not, I think you are not decent. I have experienced 12 years post separation stalking, so I am not going to answer those calls.  And I am so sorry that I have to say, that I truly believe, that next year will be the 13th year. Because it will never stop. And it makes me sad, because that thing is inhuman thing to do to another person. Only inhuman being do things like that. 

Last time I did answered that kind of call, it was year 2017, what came from secret phone number, it was a man that I did not knew, who was telling to me that he is going to kill me because, apparently he was thinking that I am a crazy lesbian slut, and he told me that he will force me to chance my sexual orientation, by raping me. Thing is I am a heterosexual, and I did told him that, so no use doing things like that here, he was telling me that I am also a lying slut. 

I did tell him, that he should call a time for him, for a shirk. 

So I have no reason to take those phone calls what they call from secret numbers. Because I am better what they are. 

So I do not recall secret phone numbers, but if you are a decent, show your number, I contact you later. 

I really hate secret phone numbers. They should be illegal, because only criminals has need to use them, or stalkers or persons like that.  

Secret numbers are tool for a terror.