Silent Shopper by ARTnoWEb is on hold, for now on.


Reason for that is, I have a difficult lumbago on my backbone, so I am going to be little while on sick leave. And because Finnish doctors do not want to give pain medication, I have had hell pain time here. So I am thinking, here what I am able to do. 

I have old injury on my back, there where one old lady whose name was P. Virkkunen, and she did reverse hers car to my back on parking lot. So, I think, it came from there. Even though her car's speed was slow, it was too heavy for my back. 

So, apparently driving with the cars here is a civil right, because apparently they do not take away driving licenses from a persons who should not drive. 

I hope she do not have hers license any more, because I think she has a dementia. 

I really hope, she is not hurting no one any more with her car. 

So I am on sick leave now. I think, when I get my back in order, it is better for me to attend to selling paintings, because that is my primary desire. 

So I have been really tired because of that pain, and now I am really tired because of painkillers, so it is time to have a rest.