Something went wrong. Someone could not listen instructions.


This is good example from a picture, where picture tells more than a thousand words. And this picture tells everything about essence of this blog, what went wrong?
This is good example from a picture, where picture tells more than a thousand words. And this picture tells everything about essence of this blog, what went wrong?

But was the one who is in the picture that could not listen the instructions, or the one who did take this picture, is a different question. 

By the way, that vehicle on the picture is not mine, it belongs to the person who is in the picture (but I think, that vehicle could be mine, because the person on the picture has paid only 50% his debts to me. But he is so poor, I have no heart to collect them.) 

But once I was on his forest cottage alone, and at that night on that yard came big white van and two "gentleman's" who did try to steal that vehicle what is on that picture. I was saying to them, that they should leave, first they were laughing to me (because my dog was safe in the cottage and I did not let him free, and they did feel really powerful, at this point), after they did see my bow, they did laugh to me. And they where like laughing, you can not even use that, after I did show them one example how good I am, they did not laugh any more, and they did leave. Really fast. So the man in the picture has his vehicle still, and I do not need my Moses to make a point. By the way, I did learn to shoot with the guns when I was 9 years, my mothers uncle, so my grand uncle, did teach me, his name was Veikko Ruokolainen. So I did have a good teacher, the best actually. And always when I did get the so called bulls eye and that did mean with Veikko 18/2o result. And approved result was limits 8-10. Shooting rage was 50 meters, without viewfinder. So, always when I did succeeded in this, he did buy me on new Ice cream taste in the near by bar, 50 kilometers away, where we did go with his cadillac. The car was from 50's. So. He did know how to motive me. So I was little bit amused, when they were laughing, that I can not shoot. Bow and riffle, basically same thing. And that went wrong for them. 

So they wanted that I would have given the keys, to that vehicle for them, what is in the picture above, because they could not get that thing moving, but I did not had the keys for that vehicle, because it was not mine (but It could be, because the man in the picture is the man who has still not paid his full debt to me). 

So they did not leave me no choice, I did gave one warning shot for them (range was like 27-35 meters, so I was keeping my distance and they really did not wanted to come near me anymore, after that). I think, it is really nice talent to know how to shoot with the bow and it is really nice talent to listen if someone is saying, I do not have a keys, so I hope they did got that thing too. It is really nice talent listen, if someone is saying, so, now is time to move on. 

And basically I can make a hit with my bow to "head" up to 40 meters range, and to the "torso" to 75-80 meters range. So I really do not need to have a dog to make a point. And this kind of thing what I am talking here do demands little bit practice, so do not try that thing on your own and on your home. By the way the man on that picture can do that thing too, with the bow, so we did had something common. Same hobbies, you see, but he has other options too, I just love bow's. The man in the picture uses viewfinders, I never do, I am so called instinct shooter, because that is really fast way to do it. But the man in the picture was so slow, and not so good what I am. But I think he might got his revolver still, so.. no reason to be mean with him, either. 

Basically when I am thinking that situation now later on, the whole situation was really strange and funny, there where those two men who where laughing to me and they did try to steal that vehicle on that picture, and I did had my bow, and several other's bow's on that cottage and like 300 arrows, there where also one ca de bestiar, what I did leave on the cottage to be safe, and of course, because the whole cottage was full of guns too (because I did knew where the keys to that gun cabinet were), I did leave that dog to protect those guns, that they do not steal them. And the Finnish law is like that, even though I did not had the permit to those guns, I could have used them, if that would have been only way to protect me and my dog, I think there where also like several hundred bullets there too. So I think, all criminals are basically idiots.  At least those two were, because those guns were much more valued what that vehicle would have been. 

And this is end of this true story. So you have to decide, am I a. Golden retriever or b. Howawart? Maybe I am a. to my master and to others I am b. But now days I am thinking, if I want to have a happy relationship, I have to be b. to my master and others that a. I think, I try to do everything, in opposite way now on. Yeah. Good choice! 

Oh. I have so much stories on my mind, maybe I tell sometimes a story, what happened to me, when I was taking a walk in the Thief river trail, that is like "Archipelago types" nature there, it is nice place to take birds on sight, and apparently there are also beavers, because there were beaver patrol, too. But only thing I did get to see there was a muskrat. And funny thing is Finnish language Archipelago means also a surname. 

I give you a hint, also in that story has a big white van on an elevated roof, but I am not telling, was that van the same van, what was in this story. 

And of course, the man in the picture is really thin, so maybe he is "weak" by his body, no he could lift me to on air, even I do weight much more what he does. So even he is not what he looks like. And he is "retired" public servant too, like his beautiful dog was. So he had some training called how to use force training, apparently they do thing like that here in Finland, too. And he did forced me to learn that thing too, also my daughter knows little bit that too, he was so mean, he made her learn that, too. Even though she did whine about that. She like always do, whine everything about, because she thinks every attention what she can get is a good attention, I hope she so figure's that out, sometime, that there might be a difference, having attention for no reason and having attention for reason. So, I think she might be a totally Finnish by her character. And she do not know how to have fun, so she is more like her father now days.  

So we did have fun time too, sometimes. And I did love this one more than the first one. And he was the second one. So I am little bit, should I take a husband number three. I could love him more, than this one. Well, I know that then, when It happens, if it happens. Also my father had two awful marriage, and the third one, was the most happy relationship, what could be. So I hope that same would happen to me. EVENTUALLY. 

Okey, I was thinking, maybe I have to make this point clear, really clear, again. That "stealing incident" I mean, after that incident my this second ex of course did remove those guns to other place, what is more safe. Or did he, how could you tell, because if you don't have right info to start with. Yes. He did remove those guns to safer place, but are those guns there still or did he bring those guns back to the cottage, how could you know, if you do not have right info to start with. Actually, even I do not know that, because I have not revisit that place, like two years, so I do not have right info to start with.