Stories from Finland continues, this is all about alcohol.


The Finnish gin was once again  chosen the best in the world, but it cannot be sold here in Finland - and this is also a true story, I can not put pictures here of that Gini, though, because it is against Finnish law. 

So Finnish gin did win competitions, but this company who created this drink cannot market that drink in Finland because otherwise they can not market that product in other EU countries. So the problem what Finnish authorities VALVIRA has with this gin product is, that if marketing is made digitally in mobile or online in the EU and EEA countries, also Finns can see those ads, and they want to geo block this company's ads on the Internet, that we Finns can not see them. 

So, if the company will bring their Gin to Finnish market, even adds would be forbidden in whole EU area, not only in Finland. SO, according to the Alcohol Act, Finnish companies are not allowed to market alcohol. But, if they move away from here to other country, they can advertise that drink, also here in Finland. So this company is moving away from here, and I can see why. 

And this really is a true story. I think everybody starts to understand why even Russian do not want to conquer us. So Valvira did decide it is legal to make your products here in Finland but is illegal to sell and market them here in Finland. So this company is now moving away from Finland. And of course, this company is not paying any taxes here after that. And that is so good for them. So I am going to buy that Gin, but I have to go to abroad to get that Finnish Gin, what is silly, because I am Finnish person, and I live in Finland. 

But Finnish authorities now think, that everything did go right, apparently.