Taike (ART PROMOTION CENTRE) in Finland is not giving information when needed, only if I need information about publications what they have done


-okey, thing is I did get an advice that it would be possible for me to apply for my taxes to transfered to Ireland, and I did that claim and my application was approved. So they do show me green light there in Ireland. So, I did contacted a person who is working in Taike, and who has done scientific research on this issue, could she give to advice to me what to do in this situation, that I could do everything in correct manner, also from Finnish point of view. 

But she do not want to give me advice, because she can comment only, those publications, what they have done there in Taike. 

So. I think, they lazy there. So, she did write me an e-mail, where she did told me, that she can not comment that issue for me, even she is working in Taike, and she is getting wage from there, and she is specialist on this issue, but she wont give me any information, only if I ask info about their publications, what they have done there. SO WHY SO SERIOUS?

We are paying a lot of money for this organization here, are they doing their work there. Why we are paying money for this organization? Go figure that. 

Basically, I have read those publications what they have written, I do not need help to read them, I would wanted to hear her insight about this, but apparently, it was too difficult thing to write that insight to a decent e-mail, go figure that?

I think they should do their work there better.