The Finnish Cultural Foundation's residency program is expanding, I am not saying is that good or not, but environment issues has arrived also in art in Finland


So, I think it is good if residency program is expanding, but it was a surprise to me, that if you get a residency place like in Japan, you have to go there by train, because global climate is warming. And it take like 2 week to travel there by train, what would be really nice experience for everybody, I think. 

I would like that too. But...

Because thing is like they told with their info that "working on the train can, at best, also deepen the residency experience and the benefits of it." And I do agree that, but it was surprise for me that, In February 2019, the Cultural Foundation awarded a grant of EUR 70,000 to a project by Miina Hujala and Arttu Merimaa, which will build an eastward-traffic movement for artists and explore the possibilities of rail travel to combine and maintain artistic work, including as part of residency activities. "Residential activities can serve as a gateway to open up and create new connections where folding long distances and distances by train and ferry will become visible and reinforce the importance of practical actions for utilizing climate-friendly mobility equipment and fairways," Hujala and Merimaa tell.

And I think that is correct too, what thay are telling there, but, somebody did get 70 000 euros to that kind of project, it is insane. 

70 000 euros is a lot of money. 

And basically it takes like 20 minutes in the net at least for me to find those places where I can buy tickets for this kind of trip, if I would have money. 

So I think, maybe our values in art has gone badly wrong. So no work, but they did get the gain. 

I really cant figure that, thay did do so called study, they did get 70 000 euros for that. 

It was only a study. 

I think our values in art has gone wrong, I think those 70 000 euros are tax payers money, and they should used that more clever way, than just for a study. 

Idea is really nice, I do like the idea, travelling in the train, but I think using 70 000 euros for a study for that thing is insane. 

I am starting to be happy that I am so called outsider here in Finnish art world, because I do have little company background, and there you can not waste money like this way. 

I think, this study has taken like 4 weeks to do at most, if those people mentioned are so called pro, it is like 35 000 thousand euros from a months work, I think, like 5000 thousand euros would have been more sane art grant for this purpose. 

So, no one in the corporate world would have used 70 000 euros for a study. I am starting to think, that artist here are like free cows, that other can milk. But even we do give the milk, me (as a cow) are not allowed to benefit from that milk. 

And we talk here in Finland a lot how to better artist situation that they could live with their work, I think, first step would be, not giving this much of money for study's, only artistic work based on artistic work level. ONLY. 

I think THIS kind of study should had been done by the normal officer workers what they have there. 

Idea was nice though.  

If you want to travel to Japan, with the train and raft, cost for one person would be 5.000 euros. So you are getting like 14 trips like this with this 70 000 euros, so where they did spend their money what was awarded to them. I wonder. 

But I have to say idea was nice though, and it was really expensive idea, and of course it was nice to them, too, who did do that study.  

So lets think this through, they did get that 70 000 euros art grant for this study at February at this year, and now they did released info handout about this "opportunity" on e-mails, so the study is ready now ( and I am sure it is only rare people who going to get that opportunity truly) at 12.6.

So they did do that study under a 3 months. So it is like 11.600 euros monthly pay on both on those persons, just doing a study, what do not acquire special skills. 

And average art grant per month for visual artist for working here in Finland is like 1700 euros. So those who did that study did get that 6.8 times per month more. Nice deal for them, was it nice deal for Finnish art world, I really do not know, and I have nothing against them who did that study. I am just thinking here. 

I think, here in Finland have little bit too much loose money in the art world. 

And when you have too much money, you forget your values, what is worth the money. I think it is okey, to have respect to those who grant art grants but, if they do value only money and sales art, what is left to value here in Finnish art world?

Basically more cock you have, and you have a balls to ask, more you get.