Do you want to live in a modern way, being respectful to your environment?


What went wrong in Kuopio city? The image above is taken from a new  coming building next to the Kuopio bus station, and the above mentioned marketing phrase is "Do you want to live in a modern way, being respectful to your environment". That is the concept of selling this aesthetic ugliness, or at least they are trying to sell it, by that sentence. During my stay at the bus station, I tried not to look at that creepy miniature copy of the tower of Joensuu City central Hospital. 

Because every time I looked at that building, the total ugliness of that building began to causing pain in my eyes, and I was afraid to be blinded by its horrible ugliness. Has the architect deliberately tried to design the most ugly apartment building what we here in Finland has, if so, so good he  did succeeded in it, very well. But yes, it was bad for the visual artist to watch this mockery of the modern housing, and  this building was so big and present. I cannot understand why buildings should be knowingly making ugly. Uh ... I wondered if this building would look better if every layer of this building would be painted in different colors, but then it would resemble a huge building made by Legos. But I didn't get too far in this "coloring plan" because I got an eye pain in my eyes, and nausea by the ugliness of that building. I think it is advisable to leave that red protective net in place, even after the building is finished, because if someone gets an idea in his or hers head to commit a suicide by jumping from the roof of that building, it will come to the need. Because if this building is as ugly also indoors what it is outside, that idea can naturally come to mind quite quickly. If I would be living near that building site, I think, I would move. 

Modern, could be more. Modern could be a beauty, but that building is so ugly that I can not even say that it  is "an alternative beauty," it is just a horror to me. It's a wodge. I do not understand how this ugly building could be "respectful" to its environment. So yes, the ad slip or "marketing sentence", was totally wrong, because that sentence didn't have any content what comes to this subject matter, and I mean by this, this building.. And that building is .. well, the picture speaks more than a thousand words.

A better ad slogan would have been "Pile up, here's your new home". We are not ashamed (because we did designed this house), why would you be ashamed of living there! Because we designed the Pile House!

And Pile House this building is.