I really get a lot of this kind of mail. I do not know where they do get my e-mail, or how they know my pages, but I am not going to send these people any messages, I did not included they addresses here, so nobody else is not going to write to them either.  

Well, lets think, about this, why it is not a good idea to send messages to me, and why I do not send messages to you guys, I think, you have think that little bit more. 

So, today I did got 2 this kind of mail. Only. So, this was a good day. 

CMS Website Design & Development 


I am Bharti, Web Development Manager in India and I work with 130+experienced IT professionals who are into:

Website Design & Development

Website Redesign and Maintenance

PHP Development

E-Commerce solution

Are you interested any services?

If you are interested, then kindly share your requirement overview so that we can reach you with the solution and an approx. pricing or you can simply share any reference website us to check the features and functionalities.

Thanks & Regards,


Web Development Manager

So, I did check this guys background, funny thing is, he do not exit, in the real world. 



Headline was vuokra in Finnish, what means a lease,

First was finnish text, but google translater, is not working well what comes to finnish language. 

So the text part was like this.


Nimeni on Jenny. Tulen tutkimusohjelmaan. Yritykseni sponsoroi (SWIFT

GROUP). Haluan tietää, onko paikkasi vielä käytettävissä. Kuinka

paljon lopullinen hinta on? Onko se omistajan käytössä rakennuksessa?

Ole hyvä ja kirjoita muita tietoja, jotka minun täytyy tietää. Lähetän

lisätietoja ja valokuvia, jos haluat. Odotan kuulevani sinulta.


And this was the English version, so I think google translator, is not working, well either English. 


My name is Jenny. I am coming for a research program .It is sponsored

by my company(SWIFT GROUP). I want to know if your place is still

available. How much is the final price? Is it an owner occupied

building? Please write any other details i need to know. I will send

more details and my photos if you wish. I wait to hear from you.


So, I did check this "guys" background, too, funny thing is, "he" do not exit, in the real world.  

So. I really do not know, what is the idea sending this kind of idiotic messages, but they do. SO do you get the "messages", too?