Who will own the teddy?


I did win. I did get the teddy. But I was thinking, thank god this dog is mine. I would not have tried to take that teddy otherwise. But I did had to take the picture if I can not get the teddy. This dog was only dog that I did let sleep beside me on my bed, because he was so warm, and his fur was like a velvet to my skin. He always wanted to sleep beside me, when I had sore muscles, but someone who was a man did beat him with the fist to the hip, so he had a broken hip after that, and he did hated all men after that, so he had to put to sleep, because his health situation. But I do love him still, and he did sleep beside me, even it was too hot for him. So sometimes, I had to tell him, that he has to go to the floor instead. And he did gave everything for me. And this dog did do what his life duty was to do. He was the best dog ever. And I miss him, I never felt lonely with him. Actually I felt loved. And I never have had that kind of a feeling with a human being. That is little sad feeling to me, but that is so true. So that thing has gone wrong on my life. But I am happy, that I have had good luck with the dogs. And he is my last dog. I never buy a dog, again. He was faithful to me to the end, so I am going to be faithful to him, to the end. I am not going to have another dog, ever again. Because this one did what, he had to do. He was always keeping my side, so I am on his side forever. But he did took that beat instead of me. Because the one who did try to attack on me, was thinking him as a labrador retriever, what he was not. So I am still walking here. So several things has gone wrong, but I am still walking, so something has gone right too. So I going to love my ca de bestiar, for ever.  For ever. For ever. So basically, I am not going to buy a dog because I do not want that some one is bulling innocent nature creature only because I do own that dog. I going to enjoy other peoples dogs now on. And other good thing is that I can sleep long, and I do not have to go walking mornings if I do not want to. 

And I am going to enjoy my life every day, what I got here. Because I do own that thing on that dog on the picture above that I have those days, and I do not own that thing to nobody else, because there where people who could have helped me on that situation,  but they did not. So that picture above is the picture above all, true love. And I think, God did figured out after he did created Adam and Eve, that Adam was like a prototype, so he did created dog that Eve could be happy even sometimes, and thank God he did that. And I think several women around the world are so happy because of that. I do not know what he did created for men, that they are happy... what comes to Finnish men, boose maybe?

But I really really love dogs. If I am going to have another dog, I think, it has to be the dog that no one else wanted for certain reasons, and I take that dog that nobody else wants. Because I want that one. It has to be so mix-breed ever, that is it not possible to account how many breeds there might be. Multimix breed, is the next one. I think. Maybe. I have been seeing dreams rottweilers, German shepards and mixbreed dog who looks like english buldogg, with the rottweiler color and with long hair german shepards fur and ears, but is so tiny, and totally useless by his character, so I am looking this one, but I have not found him yet. I have always seen dreams about my dogs before I found them. So, I have to find my Pusu, which is a Finnish word, and means Kiss. And if I find my Pusu, then I have a new dog. And do not try to enunciate that Pusu in English, because we do say it here in Finland, differently, what is sounds like in English.